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Tuscan Interior Design and Lighting

Tuscan inspired chandeliers Tuscan-style decorating offers up drama, elegance and personality. Drawing inspiration from old-world Europe, Tuscan inspired designs inject charm, warmth and a unique sense of style into your home. Mixing old world elegance with today’s modern homes takes some know how and experience. Before shopping for crystal chandeliers, do some research into pulling off the perfectly Tuscan inspired style. Read on for a starter course in Tuscan design. Then browse around for other ideas before visiting our site to browse our selection of modern crystal chandeliers with a Tuscan touch.

Tips For Incorporating Tuscan Style Into Your Decor: 

  1. Know Your Colors: Tuscan style decor relies heavily on earth tones. Bright colors, crazy patterns and bold yellow or orange accents will detract from the overall feel of Tuscany. Think of what you would find in a cozy cabin in the middle of the European Countryside. If it seems too outlandish for that setting, you are best leaving it alone.
  2. Accents Make All The Difference: Jewelry completes any wardrobe. Home accents complete any decorating scheme. Wrought-iron accessories like candles, sconces and pewter light fixtures are perfect for lining hallways for a truly European feel.
  3. Look Where Your Feet Are: When it comes to flooring, terra cotta tiles are best for a Tuscan feel. Stones with intricate mosaics work as well. Antique rugs will lend a sense of cozy warmth as long as they adhere to the Tuscan color scheme.

Now that you know the basics, shop Kingdom Lighting USA for the perfect lighting fixtures to compliment your newly European home.

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers

Retro Design and Lighting Tips

Crystal chandeliers for a retro look Retro design styles have taken the interior decorating world by storm. The term retro is most commonly used to describe decor styles from the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s. Styles dating back to prior decades would fall under the “vintage” category. While vintage and retro decor styles do have a tendency to overlap some, it is important to know which decade your style ideas are coming from and style accordingly. This consistency will lend a degree of authenticity to your room. Here are some more tips for creating the perfect retro decor for your home.

Retro Design Tips For Your Home: 

  1. Less Is More: As with any design trend, a less is more strategy will yield significantly better results than trying to pack the room full of accessories. Pick a crystal chandelier that speaks directly to the eras gone by and let that be the focal point of your retro design. Build around it and consider each addition in terms of the value it adds to the room. Don’t add items just for the sake of fitting every retro piece possible into the room!
  2. Stick With A Single Decade / Style: This rule of thumb goes hand in hand with the idea of less is more. Do some research into the various styles of the different decades. Find which you like the best and stick with that.
  3. Don’t Sacrifice Function for Fashion: While low hanging crystal chandeliers from the 50′s and 60′s make a fantastic visual statement, homes with small children or rowdy pets might find them to be a hazard. Find fashions that work with your family. Don’t make your family try to work around your fashion decor choices. That’s just inviting headache.

If you’ve decided on a retro look and are ready to browse lighting options, visit our site to look through our selection of retro chandeliers.




Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers

Shabby Chic Chandeliers

Hand Painted Valentino White ChandelierShabby chic is one of the most “in” trends in the world of interior design in the past few years. So, what is shabby chic? The “shabby” refers to the vintage style of many of the pieces. However, it’s also “chic,” meaning that everything is put together just right. Shabby chic designs are composed of mix matched furniture and eclectic accessories. The color palette tends to have a lot of whites, with neutrals and pastels being other core elements of the overall design. When it’s all put together, a shabby chic design has a soft, feminine feeling overall.

Antique Honey Valentino Gold ChandelierWhat kind of lighting should you choose for a shabby chic room? Lighting is very important for this design as these spaces are characterized by the light, airy, open feeling. Our hand painted chandeliers are ideal for the shabby chic color palette, such as the one featured above. Other colors available include pink, ivory, and pear green. Kingdom Lighting also has antique style chandeliers. These light fixtures are perfect to add to the vintage feeling of the room while still adding that feminine touch with the sparkling crystals.

Visit to browse through the entire collection of crystal chandeliers to find the perfect one for your home.

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Scandinavian Style Light Fixtures

crystal chandelier with shadeScandinavian interior designs are very in style right now. If simplicity and utility are your top priorities when it comes to decorating your home, then you should definitely consider this style. These designs are very light and airy – free of too much clutter or ornamentation. The colors are usually earthy, neutral, soft shades.While Scandinavian furniture can be very modern, some pieces also have a rustic, outdoorsy quality to them. With this kind of design, it’s fine to mix a contemporary glass table with worn, wooden chairs. In fact, it’s encouraged!

spider crystal chandelierAs far as lighting goes, it can make or break a room. Having natural light is important to create the open, airy feeling. Sometimes, there just isn’t much natural light in the existing structure of the home, so choosing the right light fixtures is that much more important. As with the rest of the furniture and decor in the home, going contemporary, yet simple is the best choice.

We’ve picked out two different options from the Kingdom Lighting collection that would be perfect for a Scandinavian design. Just click on the photos to get more details and browse the entire collection of crystal chandeliers at


Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers

Light Fixture Finishes and Mixing Metals

A common cause of confusion when choosing your light fixtures concerns mixing metal finishes. Does it clash? Or does it match?

There are metal fixtures all over your home, from your door knobs to cabinet hardware to plumbing fixtures. Mixing two metals is fine, but three is going overboard. It’s a good idea to create cohesion between fixtures serving the same function like using brass door knobs through the entire home, for example. Certain finishes are also better for a certain style, which you can learn more about below. Besides that, have fun mixing and matching!

Contour Crystal Chandelier

The crystal chandeliers and light fixtures from Kingdom Lighting come in a variety of finishes. Metal finishes include chrome, gold, bronze, and brass. This article has some great suggestions for creating certain interior design styles with metal combinations.

  • For a modern design, they suggest combining wrought iron and chrome
  • If you’re more of an artistic design fan, stainless steel and copper make a great look together
  • A lavish home will often mix burnished copper and gold fixtures
  • For a timeless look that never goes out of style, choose silver and gold finishes

What look do you want to create in your home?

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers

Mini Crystal Chandeliers for a Teenager’s Bedroom

Not all teenage girls are into glitz and glamour, but for those that are, a mini crystal chandelier is the perfect bedroom accessory. It’s hard to get the approval of a teenager, but we think that these chandeliers will definitely impress her. They give a room that extra glam she’s sure to love. And as for parents, they’ll love the prices.




Which chandelier should you choose? As you can see above, the chandeliers range from simple designs to elaborate ones. This is really just a matter of personal preference and working out how the chandelier will fit in with the room’s interior design. The same rule goes for the chandelier color. While the white chandeliers pictured above will match with a whole range of color palettes, Kingdom Lighting also has a variety of other color choices to choose from. It’s up to what you like!

So where should you hang the chandelier? There are several options, depending on its use. First and foremost, a chandelier also provides the useful purpose as a light source. What do you want to illuminate in the bedroom? The chandelier can serve as a central light over the bed, a task light over the desk, or any other number of uses.


What Type of Bulb to Choose for Your Crystal Lighting

crystal wall sconcesA question that many people ask themselves when getting new light fixtures is: what type of light bulbs should I buy? There are a few different options, each with its upsides and downsides. In the end, the decision is up to you!

Here’s a rundown of your choices for your crystal lighting:

  • Incandescent bulbs are the most commonly used. They emit a warm light and last 700 to 1,000 hours. They are on the cheaper side, but not as energy-efficient as the other choices.
  • Halogen bulbs are a type of incandescent lighting that are slightly more energy-efficient. They are meant to resemble natural daylight, but burn at a high temperature, so you have to be careful with them.
  • Fluorescent are usually found in big, open spaces. They produce a lot of light, but it gives off a flat, cold appearance. These bulbs last longer than incandescent ones, but if you want to use a dimmer, you’re out of luck.
  • CFL is another name for compact fluorescent bulbs. They last 10 times longer only using a quarter of the energy. The tone is warmer than fluorescent bulbs.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) are best for task lighting, rather than illuminating lighting because the light is not diffused. They are extremely energy-efficient and last for a long time, but come with a high price tag.

Chandelier Mistakes To Avoid in Your Home

Crystal chandeliers can transform your home and make it the envy of everyone that visits. Or, if you choose the wrong chandelier, it could become a major eyesore. That’s something that everyone wants to avoid! There are a few common mistakes that people make that chandelier buyers should take into consideration.

  • Bagel Crystal ChandelierThe Wrong Size Problem: A chandelier that’s too big or too small for the space can make the entire room feel awkward. You don’t want to feel completely overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the chandelier. That’s why choosing the appropriate size is essential!
  • The Hanging Too High/Too Low Issue: Keep in mind when purchasing a chandelier the height of your ceiling. Ensure that no one will bump their heads when it’s hanging! There are more options if the ceilings are higher than average, but all others need to take care when it comes to the hanging height.
  • The Out of Place/Awkward Mistake: A chandelier doesn’t necessarily have to match your interior design, but it does have to complement it. Check out decorating advice before making your purchase. Of course you want your new chandelier to stand out – but only in a good way!
Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier

How to Choose a Dining Room Chandelier

The dining room is one of the most popular places in the home for crystal chandeliers. Here’s what you need to know before buying your dining room chandelier:

  • gold crystal chandelierPick out the location for the chandelier based on where the table is located in the room. Oftentimes people make the mistake of setting it up in the center of the room before the furniture is arranged. Make sure that the table is positioned correctly first.
  • When deciding on the size of a chandelier, consider the size of the table. The chandelier should be about one-third of the table’s width. Additionally, it should hang about 30 inches from the table so don’t get one that’s too big if you have low ceilings.
  • Besides just looking good, you chandelier is foremost a source of light for the room. Make sure that it provides enough light to illuminate the given space.
  • Finally, when choosing a crystal chandelier for your dining room, choose a style that compliments your interior design. That does not mean that the styles have to match. For example, an elaborate crystal chandelier can look great in a more simple or rustic setting.







Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers

Tropical Chandeliers for Your Oasis at Home

People love to flock to tropical islands for warm weather, eternal sunshine, and beautiful scenery. You don’t have to take a trip though to get feeling of relaxing in a tropical oasis – bring it into your home with a tropical interior design!

tropical chandeliersThere are a number of ways to create a tropical atmosphere. Use natural materials like wicker and bamboo for furniture pieces. Decor should include greens and bright, bold colors as well as flower or leafy patterns. Sandy colors for the walls, furniture, or carpet are perfect to give the room the feeling that you’re relaxing on the beach while also balancing out the brighter colors in other areas.

tropical chandeliersLight fixtures can also be used as a tropical element. Crystal chandeliers at Kingdom Lighting come in a number of styles that are perfect for this setting, including the 4-light Pistachio Leaf Tropical Chandelier and the 5-light gold and green crystal chandelier, pictured to the right.

These crystal chandeliers are proof that a tropical interior design doesn’t necessarily mean casual. If you want to dress up your interior design while staying within this style, a tropical chandelier is the perfect addition. See more options at