Brightening Up the Bathroom


After so many years of hard work and saving, my husband and I were able to remodel our master bathroom. It now actually looks like a master bath, complete with his and her sinks, marble flooring, and a giant soaking tub. We’re no longer cramped in the tiny bathroom using only a shower stall. It’s my dream come true. Our bathroom finally looks like the ones you see published in home and garden or celebrity homes magazines. Okay, maybe it’s not as nice as a celebrity’s, but it’s close!

But, I felt there was something missing. My bathroom felt beautiful, but not elegant. It needed something more. I quickly realize that “something more” was a crystal chandelier. You normally think of crystal chandeliers in the foyer or dining room, but they can turn any bathroom into a master suite. The crystal chandelier hangs right in the center of the room, providing gorgeous illumination for the entire span of the bathroom. It’s fabulous when I’m soaking in the tub after a long day of work.

I purchased my wonderful lighting from Kingdom Lighting and I can tell you right now I plan on buying a new one for my dining room from them!


Light the Way

Purchasing a new crystal chandelier is only part of the process to elegant and beautiful lighting. You’ve found the perfect spot right above the dining room table. Kingdom Lighting had just the right one too. It doesn’t hang too low so it doesn’t interfere with the decor on the table, but it’s not too small that it doesn’t provide enough lighting. Now comes the tricky part, picking out the right light bulbs.

Before deciding on a bulb, you need to figure out the correct wattage. An easy way to determine this is to multiply the dimensions of the room to get the square footage. For example, if you have a 10 x 10 room, the square footage is 100. Then multiply the square footage by 1.5 which will give you the amount of wattage needed. Now it’s time to pick a bulb. It’s recommended that you use clear bulbs for chandeliers with exposed bulbs or crystal glass enclosures. Clear bulbs are said to enhance the sparkle. If the chandelier has lined shades, you can use frosted bulbs for a beautiful glow without shadows.

Without the right light bulbs, your beautiful new crystal chandelier won’t have the illuminating effect to turn your room into a stunning one.


The Perfect Empire Crystal Chandelier for My Bedroom

Apartment hunting has been a great deal of fun and many of the places I’ve looked at are old buildings with full, queen sized rooms. Also included with many of these old buildings are high ceilings. So I’ve been thinking that the best kind of lighting for high ceilings are Empire crystal chandeliers?  With that much extra room, a chandelier would look far  better than some small ceiling light that’s going to seem awkward and disproportionate with the rest of the room’s dimensions.

A crystal chandelier in a bedroom may seem a bit much to some, but it can be pulled off well if you decorate accordingly and don’t overdo any other accessories in the room. You want the chandelier to be the main attraction, not look garish among other clashing pieces.

So I plan to fill my bedroom with antique wood furniture with some engraving but for the most part very minor detail. Everything will be classic but simple, so that the chandelier can stand out and not be fighting for visual attention.

There’s nothing wrong with having a big of elegance in the bedroom. If you have the space for it, why not invest in a chandelier and feel like a queen or king?


Get An Antique Maria Theresa Chandelier Look Without the Price

Antiques can be pricier than newer models. That’s because an antique is often one of a kind, or one of just a few. This is because these items are so old, no longer produced, and often get lost or passed around. But you can still create an antique look with Maria Theresa chandeliers that are brand new and discounted.

Kingdom Lighting USA has a ton of beautiful crystal chandeliers that have a very old world look about them. And unless your friend you invited over for dinner has an eye for that sort of thing, they probably won’t notice that it isn’t truly antique. And that’s ok, because you’ll know that you got a good price for it and they’ll never be able to tell the difference.

It also helps if you place the chandelier in antique style furniture that fits a similar time period. That way your entire room, whether it’s the bedroom, dining room or other, can be themed perfectly. And then your guests will really feel like they just went back in time to a regal, beautiful era.

So if you were ever thinking of getting that Maria Theresa chandelier, don’t think, act!


How to Move Your Crystal Chandelier

It’s moving time and that is exciting within itself. You get to pick up and go to a new home in a new place. Maybe it’s the first time you are moving in years or maybe you’ve traveled a lot in a short amount of time. Either way, you have a beautiful crystal chandelier that hangs in your dining room that you need to move with you. But how do you go about it without breaking it on the way?

The safest way to move a crystal chandelier is by seeing if a local moving company has specialty boxes for it. It’d be even better if you could get them to pack it for you. But if you can’t or are pressed for time,  remember that wrapping paper and bubble wrap are your friends. Use as much as you need, don’t feel like it may be a waste because it may be that you need just that much to avoid breaking anything! If your chandelier has pieces that hang, wrap each individually, creating a buffer  between it and other pieces of the chandelier.

Mark your box properly as fragile and “this side up” so anyone who may grab it, knows it’s worth something and not to just throw it in the car or truck! Happy moving!