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Different Types of Crystal Chandeliers

Before you make a purchase, you should know what kind of crystal chandeliers you’re buying and what each unique kind offers you. There are different types of crystals that are used for chandeliers. Each kind has individual elegance and signature features.

Rock crystals are not actually crystals. They are stones that resemble the gems. That is not to say that they are not lovely. They are one of a kind in their appearance and they can take billions of years to properly form, meaning just as much TLC was given to them by mother nature.The other upside is that they will never get overheated. They will stay cool to the touch even if your light is on for hours.

Vintage crystals are found in sincere antique collections. The chandeliers with themwill often feature beading and other fancy jewelry.

Legacy crystals are from Venice. They are fire-polished and molded. They also have an antique appeal. They are one of the more popular types.

Handcut crystals are some of the most individualistic. Every chandelier featuring these is one of a kind, just like the cuts in each crystal. They go through several stages to make them refractive and elegant.

Swarovski crystals are of Austrian origin. They’re very clear to allow plenty of light and come in a multitude of colors. They’re considered pricey, but they are well worth adoration.

Look for these different crystals when looking for a crystal chandelier. Kingdom Lighting provides many Maria Theresa chandeliers with hand cut crystals.