Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers for Kid’s Rooms

When I was a kid, my mother let my siblings and I decorate our own rooms. My brother decorated his with dinosaurs, which was fun for a young boy! I decorated mine with an art/rock and roll theme. My sister, however, decided that she wanted a princess room.

My mother got her a great crystal chandelier that looked like a crown. It complimented the four poster bed, the gauzy curtains and the castle painting on the wall.

I think it’s a great idea to put crystal chandeliers in kid’s rooms. It gives them something to daydream about and provides a sense of opulence that children generally do not get to appreciate.

If your daughter likes to be a princess for halloween or has an obsession with Disney movies, why not make her room a haven for that kind of creativity and positive thinking? Hang a chandelier in her room.

You can even make this work for boys. Why wouldn’t pirates have a rustic chandelier in their pirate ship? Dragons who hoarde treasure would certainly have chandeliers. You can make their room a great place to play and stimulate their¬†imaginations. Also, if you let them design their own room theme, they will love spending time there on rainy days playing indoors!