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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Chandelier

crystal chandeliersIf you are wondering if a crystal chandelier is right for your style, keep in mind that there are all kinds of chandeliers from which you can choose from companies that make lighting and chandeliers their special attraction, such as Kingdom Lighting.

What Are Some Things You Might Consider When Thinking About Buying a Chandelier?

Assess your room’s style, from floor to ceiling—right about the spot where you will hang your ceiling, actually—to determine a few different factors.

  • What type of lighting does the room already feature? Is there good natural light or is there already ceiling lighting already in place?
  • What is the rest of the room’s decor?
  • Are you lighting a dining room, living room or a foyer?

Choosing the Right Chandelier for Any Room

The beauty of modern chandeliers is that they come in so many styles, sizes and shapes, so there is something to fit your space. It is simply a matter of looking at the room with a critical and informed stylistic eye before making your choice.

Chandeliers come in many forms, such as pendents or waterfall styles in a shimmering array of stylized crystal suspended fixtures. Explore shapes in waterfalls, bagels and many other contours to appeal to your preference. You will love the way the light plays in the room as it cascades out of your new chandelier.

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How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

The holidays are the time for entertaining. Your family may have come over for Thanksgiving dinner and in a blink of an eye your home will be full again for Christmas or Hanukkah. So even though you probably have your hands full buying presents, planning meals, and wrangling your family together, if you have some down time, this is also a good time to clean your crystal chandeliers so they look perfect for the holiday season.

Luckily, cleaning a new chandelier is a relatively painless process. There are specialty spray-on cleaners made specifically for chandeliers that you can buy  from the hardware store. Otherwise, you can simply clean the chandelier with some soapy water. Either way, make sure you disconnect the power from the chandelier and lay down some towels beneath the light to catch any drips (or soften the blow should a glass bead fall).

With either the spray-on cleaner or soapy water, simply wipe the chandelier down with a soft cloth. Make sure you go all the way around the chandelier arms and reach all sides of the crystals. Wipe the chandelier dry when you’re finished to prevent streaks. Now you’ll have a glistening, gleaming chandelier that looks like new for the holiday season.

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Save on Crystal Chandeliers This Holiday

The holiday season is upon us and closing in fast. Your favorite TV show has already aired a Christmas episode, Starbucks has been serving holiday-themed “coffee” for close to a month, and the super market has been selling Christmas decorations roughly since September. The rapid acceleration of the holiday machine can be enough to make you forget the holiday shopping season hasn’t even officially begun yet, but it’s coming up on us quick.

If  you’re already feeling exhausted by the holidays before they’ve even properly started, don’t worry: Kingdom Lighting is here to help you get the perfect gift for that special someone. From now through December, simply shop our collection of crystal chandeliers and Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers online and use the coupon code “HOLIDAY13” to instantly save $25 on any order over $775.

This year, show your loved ones how much you care with an elegant and luxurious chandelier, or treat yourself for surviving another year with a new, striking addition to your home decor. Whether you’re buying for someone else or simply yourself, Kingdom Lighting has a large selection of chandeliers of all makes, sizes, and styles appropriate for any home and even any room. This year, skip the crowded brick and mortars; shop online and save!

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Chandeliers for Every Room

You may already have a crystal chandelier hanging from your ceiling, but that does’t mean you have to limit yourself to featuring the stunning fixtures in the usual places. Plenty of people have a chandelier hanging in the foyer over the staircase, but that’s just the beginning of how you can use chandeliers to improve your home decor.

For example, why not try adding a chandelier in the den? Keep it classy in the study. Light up the library. You can even add elegance to the bathroom: A simple crystal chandelier can hang over the bathtub or add a painted chandelier to match the room’s color scheme.

If you have the room for it, you can even add a chandelier to your walk-in closets. It may seem counter-intuitive to “hide away” something as opulent as a chandelier in a room devoted to storing coats and shoes, but adding a chandelier can transform even that mundane space into a luxurious retreat.

We also offer smaller chandeliers for children rooms. These mini-sized chandeliers will allow you to unify your entire home, even in nurseries or rooms for children, and allow your kids to have a beautiful lighting fixture of their own to admire. There’s no part of your home that can’t be improved with a crystal chandelier!

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Unusual Chandeliers Made from Everyday Objects

Chandeliers typically stick to a few tried and true materials that convey class and elegance: crystal, bronze, brass, chrome, et. al. But some trail-blazing mavericks have eschewed those classic looks in lieu of their own unique chandelier creations. Here’s a couple chandeliers made of some less-than-auspicious building blocks.

The Chandelier of MonkeysFirst released in 1965, the Barrel of Monkeys game continues to be a childhood staple even more than a half century later, letting kids build ever-expanding chains with the eponymous monkeys’ interlocking arms. Anyone who remembers the game fondly will get a kick out of John Niero’s piece “Monkey Around,” which uses the translucent monkeys as if they were the luxurious cut glass of a crystal chandelier.

The Fisherman’s FriendThe “Fishing Float Chandelier” created by British designers Pedlars is made out of, as the name implies, dozens of fishing floats and nylon fishing gut. The subdued color scheme of the floats themselves lend themselves to a surprisingly charming lighting fixture, one that seems like it’d be right at home in a rustic hunting lodge.

The Squishy Sphere: What’s most surprising about this chandelier made out of hand-cast acrylic gummy bears isn’t that someone thought to make it in the first place but rather how well the finished product works. That someone was Kevin Champeny, whose “Candelier” features 5,000 bears in the candy’s familiar vibrant hues to create a genuinely attractive piece of home decor.

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The Etymology of Chandelier

As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, chandeliers have a long and esteemed history, so it should as come as no surprise to learn the word “chandelier” has similarly deep and stately roots. The origin of the word is the Latin verb candere, meaning “to be bright or glisten.” Candere led to the Latin noun candela, or “candle,” which in turn gave us candelabrum, meaning “candlestick.”

The French were the first to utilize these Latin words. They adapted them to their own purposes to create chandelle for “candle” and chandelabre for “candlestick.” As early chandeliers were typically wooden structures hung from the ceiling to hold candles, chandelabre eventually evolved into “chandelier,” appearing in French in the 12th century, but the word still had a ways to go before it began appearing in English. First, the Spanish language adopted “chandelier” for its own purposes and it was about two centuries later, in the 1300s, when “chandelier” made its way to English.

Today, chandeliers are as popular as ever, especially thanks to the elegant look and light scattering properties that came along with the advent of crystal chandeliers. And just like the word itself, chandeliers have managed to spread to just about every culture in the world.

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Chandeliers in New New York

Last week, we told you how chandeliers were used in antebellum New York’s most infamous neighborhood. This week, however, we prove chandeliers are truly timeless, showing up in one of contemporary Brooklyn’s most impressive buildings.

The Brooklyn Borough Hall is one of the city’s greatest pieces of architecture, and the oldest public building in the borough. Completed in 1848 as the former City of Brooklyn’s City Hall, the Greek Revivalist architecture features six massive columns and a Victorian cupola with a statue of Justice on the top, although this cupola isn’t the original. It was built in 1898 to replace the one that was destroyed by a fire three years earlier.

1898 also saw the City of Brooklyn consolidated into the City of New York, and the Brooklyn City Hall became Borough Hall as we know it today. Throughout the 1930s, many developers set their sights on demolishing Borough Hall. Fortunately, by 1966 the building was designated a New York City Landmark.

In the 1980s, Borough Hall was renovated and became a veritable tourist destination. A two story rotunda is supported by marble columns and brass and crystal chandeliers hang from the gold-leaf ceiling. Remnants of Borough Hall’s previous functions remain as well, including holding cells, a Victorian study and an impressive court room that can often be seen in Law & Order.