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Inspire Romance with Artful Illumination

maria theresa crystal chandelierChandeliers are popular throughout the year: from summer months when vacation destinations and restaurants see a greater volume of guests to the winter months, when decorators seek to incorporate the distinctive shine of the winter season into their indoor spaces. Valentine’s Day is no exception: from dazzling hospitality displays to in-home mood lighting, chandeliers can enhance the celebration of romance and create a memorable experience for anyone enjoying the holiday. As Valentine’s Day has nearly arrived, our lighting experts are helping visitors to the online crystal chandelier gallery make exciting plans and choose fantastic fixtures for this and every special occasion.

Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers are among the most popular styles in fashionable homes. With a name that calls to mind the sophistication and elegance of centuries past, these inspiring chandeliers can bring out the refined and stylish elements in any home. Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers are also versatile and suitable for use in more utilitarian spaces as traditional illumination: bright enough to get the job done, yet offering a touch of aesthetic appeal even in a pedestrian space. All these traits combine to make Maria Theresa chandeliers the perfect choice for Valentine’s — and a great option for those who wish to capture the romantic spirit of February 14 and enjoy it for years to come. Find Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers at Kingdom Lighting:

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Kingdom Lighting Launches New Crystal Chandeliers Site

kingdom lighting new site saleKingdom Lighting is dedicated to offering online visitors a dazzling gallery experience in the comfort of their own homes. Beyond exquisite design, enduring craftsmanship, and exceptional value, Kingdom Lighting strives to present a rewarding online experience. To that end, we’ve recently completed a redesign of our entire site to make our bestselling crystal chandeliers easier to find as well as to seamlessly implement new limited-time deals. Our Deal of the Week now has its own section, where customers can find our favorites from the gallery, enjoying short-term spotlight and a temporary price reduction. The rest of our shopping incentives, including our shipping promotion, are also easier to see at a glance and more accessible to every visitor. We’ve revamped our site’s visuals to put the chandeliers front and center, so every guest can make the best possible decision for their own space based on high-quality images and detailed specifications.

Right now, we’re also offering a site-wide deal to celebrate the recent update. Take 10% off of your purchase and explore the new areas of the online Kingdom Lighting chandelier gallery today. Every home and business can enjoy the elegance of chandeliers for less: visit us for the best value and the highest quality the industry has to offer.

Crystal Chandeliers, Maria Theresa Chandeliers

Royal Crystal Chandeliers: Luxury Illuminated

Kingdom Lighting Offers The Latest In Crystal ChandeliersChandeliers are an enduring symbol of class and sophistication dating back to the brilliant designs of historical monarchs. Through the centuries, kings and queens have turned to chandeliers to light up the royal spaces in which they lived and conducted state business. Now, professional decorators, design enthusiasts, and even business owners have access to the lighting vocabulary established by history’s brightest leaders, thanks to fine craftspeople and retailers like the experts at Kingdom Lighting. Royal crystal chandeliers are a bestselling style incorporating the traditional style features of antique crystal chandeliers while offering modern performance and convenience at the same time.

Kingdom Lighting’s selection of royal crystal chandeliers includes full-sized fixtures as well as compact wall sconces and smaller chandeliers. This range of options includes something for every space, from dedicated living rooms and dining rooms to foyers, entryways, and even hotel lobbies or restaurants. With a wide variety of metals, finishes, and designs available, Kingdom Lighting can provide a fixture that will fit any existing aesthetic or serve as the major focal point for a completely new look. Capture the timeless appeal of crystal chandeliers made to the highest standards of quality: royal crystal chandeliers are fittingly our hallmark at Kingdom Lighting.

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First Impressions: Entryway and Foyer Chandeliers

ChandelierA home’s entryway or foyer is one of its most important features. Visitors and guests in the home will see the entryway first: in this initial encounter, a space can set up an entire aesthetic and captivate the viewer’s attention no matter where the rest of their stay takes them. Entryway decor is thus one of the most rewarding and important aspects of interior design. Nevertheless, it’s natural for enthusiasts and professionals alike to focus on the spaces guests are likely to occupy, such as dining rooms and living rooms, rather than take the time for more functional rooms. At Kingdom Lighting, we illuminate the undiscovered and overlooked aspects of home decor to bring our community of designers the essential tips they might otherwise miss while building their dream homes — and entryway lighting is one area in which we’re proud to share our expertise.

Our digital boutique, an online re-creation of our famous showroom, gives every visitor the opportunity to browse a diverse collection of entryway and foyer crystal chandeliers, each designed to meet the needs of a welcoming entryway. Our experts can also assist customers who have questions about the entryway crystal chandelier options and provide insight about the many available designs. Make the best first impression on every guest to your home or business with a dazzling chandelier from Kingdom Lighting.

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Accessorize Crystal Chandelier Decor

bronze wall sconceA crystal chandelier can easily serve as the major centerpiece for any room, drawing the attention of guests and creating an aesthetic through its brilliant appearance and dazzling illumination. Many decorators and designers use crystal chandeliers as the anchor for elegant, formal settings. Still, as important as a chandelier can be to a room’s overall look, any lighting fixture will look its best when supported by an overall decorating plan that incorporates multiple light sources and decorative items.

While Kingdom Lighting is a specialist in crystal chandeliers, designing contemporary fixtures as well as classic styles inspired by the grace and poise of antiquity, our company’s experts know well the benefits of carefully chosen accessories. From wall sconces to flush mount models and more, we create and carry an amazing variety of supplementary fixtures. Wall sconces are perfect for display alongside crystal chandeliers in the same room and can even contribute to a more cohesive aesthetic when displayed in different spaces, such as in the hallways connected to formal spaces. Wall sconces also enable decorators to have more control over the illumination in a room, to highlight certain aspects or change the impression a room leaves on its guests and occupants. Kingdom Lighting‘s online boutique features a broad selection of sconces: visit today to find the perfect match for a favorite crystal chandelier.

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Crystal Chandeliers for the New Year

crystal chandelierEach new year brings along its own style trends for home decor, and at Kingdom Lighting, we’re always looking out for the most exciting new ideas in design. At the same time, our world-class selection of crystal chandeliers includes classically-inspired fixtures, each a masterwork of antique beauty. These timeless designs are suitable no matter what trends enter the aesthetic conversation with the arrival of another year. January usually introduces us to newcomers in the design community who have made resolutions to revamp their favorite rooms and bring new light into their homes. Whether we’re recommending the latest styles to match emerging trends or sharing perennial customer favorites, we greet these new decorators the same way we do every visitor to our site or store: with compassion, expertise, and understanding.

As the new year approaches, we’re re-affirming our commitment to our customers and planning for even greater success in 2015. We’re grateful to everyone who’s helped us get this far and we’re dedicated to providing even better lighting solutions to our customers next year. Keep up with the Kingdom Lighting USA blog and site to stay up-to-date with the latest news and reach out to our experts with any questions. We have a lot in store for 2015 and we’re excited to share it with our community.

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers for All Ages

crystal chandelierDecorating enthusiasts and professionals alike traditionally regard chandeliers as elegant decor items, suitable for use in formal settings. While crystal chandeliers excel in more refined and luxurious environments, the truth is that they can contribute to a more rewarding aesthetic in any setting. No style of crystal chandelier better communicates the fantastic versatility of this famous fixture than the mini crystal chandelier. This type of chandelier is often designed for display in a child’s room and offers enduring value for years to come. A child’s space should feel welcoming and comfortable: a chandelier’s illumination can make any space more relaxing and peaceful. At the same time, the best decorations for a child’s bedroom stay relevant through the years: a crystal chandelier in the right style will always be a treasured item, no matter the child’s age.

A crystal chandelier can be the centerpiece for a child’s bedroom just as easily as it can be a decor focus for a luxurious dining room. All a decorator or enthusiast needs is to choose the fixture carefully and display it with some creativity to create a unique and memorable space in the home. Kingdom Lighting USA stocks a diverse collection of crystal chandeliers for children and shares insights and expertise from its position at the forefront of the industry: visit today to find out more.

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Winter Seasonal Decor with Crystal Chandeliers

Kingdom Lighting Offers The Latest In Crystal ChandeliersThe winter season provides a wealth of inspiration for interior decorators and designers. The holidays have their own distinctive aesthetic and offer plenty of opportunities for social gatherings, at which decorators can display their projects for guests to enjoy. Beyond these special occasions, winter’s weather has a beauty all its own, with ice and snow changing the scenery in many parts of the world. Luxury lighting fixtures can bring some of the dazzling sights of winter into the home to be appreciated in any setting imaginable, for a surprisingly affordable price. Decorators who know where to shop and what to choose can create their own winter wonderland, illuminated by a brilliantly designed and expertly crafted lighting fixture to serve as the centerpiece.

Crystal chandeliers are the most appropriate lighting when working with a winter aesthetic: the many crystals on a contemporary crystal chandelier reflect the light of the fixture to create impressive seasonal ambiance. Like the clear and icy conditions typical in many climates during winter months, crystal chandeliers have a natural elegance and graceful presence in decor. Kingdom Lighting is the foremost manufacturer and retailer of modern crystal chandeliers, supplying professional and enthusiast decorators alike with the finest lighting options available today. If you’re looking to give the gift of light or simply renovate a favorite space for the season, lighting experts at will be glad to help.

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Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Chandelier

Modern crystal chandelierTips to Choosing the Right Chandelier:

    1. Complement your Colors: Feature a flashy chandelier in a room with vibrant colors. For a room with muted colors, consider a more conservative chandelier like our 5 Light French Brass Chandelier. The brass finish complements a darker paint job, giving your room an antique, classical feel.
    2. Remember: Style for Style: If the room has a modern style, a simple design would be a good choice. For a classic room, choose a more ornate and decorated chandelier like our 12 Light Victorian Crystal Chandelier. Its intricately designed gold plating recalls the Victorian origins of the fixture.
    3. Channel your Personality:  If you have a calm disposition, pick a chandelier that features muted colors and a conservative design. For you extroverts, our 6 Light Maria Theresa Crystal Chandelier will suit your needs. With chrome plating and clear crystals, this chandelier channels your outgoing personality.
    4. Consider the Atmospherics: Lighting is an important factor. Understated lighting gives your room a romantic feel, while bright lighting lends a celebratory air. If you can’t decide–remember that you can change the mood in an instant with the installation of a dimmer switch!

Kingdom Lighting offers a variety of crystal chandeliers to complement a room’s color, style or personality.

Crystal Chandelier, modern crystal chandelier

3 Chandeliers for the Nature-Lover

A crystal chandelier for nature loversFew decorations embody refinement and modernity like the crystal chandelier. The leaf motif acts as a chandelier’s natural counterpart: a representation of nature and the wild.

Three Pieces from the Crystal Leaf Collection:

  • Purple & Green Flush Mount: The purple and green crystals create a floral design around the gold-plated finish, which gives off a natural elegance. With a diameter of 25 inches, this piece nicely complements a mid-sized living room. It breaks up a conservatively styled room with a splash of color.
  • Clear & Amber Flush Mount: The icy crystals surrounded by amber crystals resemble autumn leaves scattered around white snow. This natural contrast calls to mind the transition from fall to winter. This fixture has a diameter of 26 inches, and works well in a mid-sized room. Veering towards an exotic and natural design, this piece adds excitement to any room.
  • Pink & Amber Flush Mount: This piece is darker than the previous two chandeliers because it doesn’t have any clear crystals. If you are looking to add some flair to a room with muted colors, this flush-mounted light is an excellent choice–contrasting well with a darker wood, like walnut or kingwood.

To browse more chandeliers from our crystal of leaf collection, visit our website.