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Light Up Your Apartment with a Chandelier

crystal chandliersFew home decor pieces mix together function and fashion quite as well as a chandelier. Capable of illuminating an entire room while also capturing the imagination of viewers, a chandelier can provide an apartment with a classical touch and a practical value. How can you model an interior space with a chandelier?

While the obvious and most popular choice for any chandelier hanging typically is in and around the dining room, there’s no reason to give this part of your apartment the only consideration. A multifaceted chandelier can be the light source for living rooms, kitchens, and even larger master bathrooms. Consider unorthodox locations in your apartment that could benefit from a chandelier placement.

While crystal never goes out of style, not all chandeliers need to have lots of ice in order to look good. A chandelier should always command attention and respect, but need not do so in an imperious or draconian manner. Have fun with the design and think of ways to change up the piece from the status quo so that it will be remembered by family and friends.


Choosing between a Chandelier or Wall Sconces

Choosing the perfect lighting fixture for any room can be difficult. Choosing between a chandelier or wall sconces can also be tricky. A few considerations that can help you make the correct choice are as follows.

1. Lighting with Purpose:

All lighting has at least one action, to light up a darkened space. Sometimes; however, the purpose for the lighting unit may be more than just to light up the darkness. When it comes time to choose between a chandelier or wall sconces, think about all of the functions that the lighting unit will perform.

2: Energy Usage:

The usage of energy by the fixture can also be an important consideration. Over the lifetime of use, a fixture that has a high operating cost can cost a small fortune. When you think about energy cost, don’t be afraid to choose a fixture that seems out of your budget. Instead, consider the long term cost and see which fixture costs more over time.

3. Lighting as Decor:

Certain rooms need certain types of lighting fixtures. Small, low-ceilinged rooms, obviously cannot support a Chandelier. Narrow hallways may make wall sconces that stick out an unpractical choice. How the room is used, is also a consideration. Wall scones are good as accent pieces to add to a theme or decor. You can also use wall sconces to draw attention or place an emphasis on a certain part of a room. A chandelier, on the other hand, can be a center piece. Chandeliers often provide a lot more light than wall scones provide. A good feature of any chandelier is a dimming switch that allows for you to control the amount of light that is produced.

Think about how the light fixture will be used, how much it really costs in the long term, and how it will fit into the decor of your home. In so doing, you will be able to choose between a chandelier or wall sconces.

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Why a Chandelier with a Shade is the Perfect Addition to Your Home

When it comes to chandeliers, there is definitely no shortage on styles, especially when you shop at Kingdom Lighting USA. From classic silhouettes to ornate designs, there is something for everyone. But if you really want to make a statement, a chandelier with a shade is your best bet.

Make it Modern

modern chandeliers

If you love the class and elegance that comes with a chandelier, but you have a modern decor scheme, a chandelier with a shade is the ideal solution. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the crystals while providing the straight lines you desire for your contemporary space.

Warm it Up

Modern spaces are not the only ones that can benefit from the glamour of a chandelier with a shade. In fact, the softened light that they emit can prove to be the perfect finishing touch for a cozy, traditional design aesthetic. Their warm glow will bring intimacy to your space while inducing a sense of relaxation throughout the room.

Attract Attention

When you incorporate a chandelier with a shade into your home’s interior, your home will be at the forefront of today’s design trends. Almost everyone out there has had the privilege of seeing the beauty of a classic crystal chandelier; however, chandeliers with shades are new to the scene. When your friends and family see yours, they will be in awe as they admire the unique beauty it provides.

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What to Consider When Selecting the Color of Your Crystal Chandelier

modern crystal chandelierYou know that you want a chandelier; It will give your home a level of sophistication and class that only a chandelier can provide and you can’t wait to see how amazing it makes your home look. The only problem is that you can’t decide which color you want your chandelier to be. With all of the stunning crystal chandelier hues offered by Kingdom Lighting USA, your only limitation is your imagination.

Pick Wisely

From green to red to even pink and black, there are many different colors that you can choose for your crystal chandelier. Of course, you want the hue you select to coordinate with the other main colors in your space, like the upholstered furniture and wall paint. However, you also want to look at the crystal color itself and make sure you like what it represents. For instance, black adds drama and is a great choice for a modern space, while gold fits in flawlessly with a traditional vibe.

Don’t Stop There

The crystals on your chandelier are not the only part you will notice. The metalwork actually plays a very important role and can add cohesiveness to your decor. For example, if you are going for a contemporary look, chrome is probably the best choice. However, if your design aesthetic is more traditional, an antiqued bronze may be the perfect finishing touch.

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Designing your Bathroom with a Chandelier

modern crystal chandeliersOften elegant and ornamented, chandeliers are those ceiling mounted light fixtures that enhances the atmosphere of a space while also demanding attention. They are certainly beautiful – in fact, according to the make and style of the chandelier, a space can be instantly transformed from dull to vintage, playful or even graceful. What was once reserved for dining rooms and foyers has evolved to be acceptable in almost every room in the home. We at Kingdom Lighting USA offer chandeliers of all styles that can be showcased in spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms and powder rooms. Below are three simple ways to design a bathroom with a chandelier.

Designing your Bathroom with a Chandelier:

  • Make it stand out: More traditional chandeliers are designed to be the standout piece of the space, in order to help it be the center of attention, it is important to not over-clutter your bathroom with additional “grand” décor. Adding to many attention grabbing features in your bathroom will take away from the features of the chandelier.
  • Complement the décor: It is not enough to purchase any style of chandelier, the lighting you choose needs to complement the existing décor of the bathroom. For example, a vintage style bathroom should be enhance with a vintage styled chandelier and a kids bathroom should be outfitted with a lovely child-inspired fixture.
  • Choose the right size: Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, it is important to choose the right size for your space. A tiny fixture in a grand bathroom will certainly get lost and a large chandelier in a smaller space will be overbearing.

Tips for Using a Mini Chandelier in a Closet

The average woman spends about 287 days of her life standing in her closet, figuring out what to wear. When combined with the amount of time their male counterparts spend in their closets, it’s easy to see that this small part of a home commands serious attention. Organization, air circulation and good lighting are critical to having an efficient, welcoming closet. A little bit of luxury can be added to a closet’s functionality by lighting it with a mini chandelier from Kingdom Lighting USA.

Mini Chandelier Lighting Tips for Closets

  • Bring Luxury into the Closet. Celebrities, and the rich and famous don’t skimp when it comes to their closets. Step into luxury each morning by hanging a mini chandelier.
  • Dresser Top Lighting. Mini chandeliers also come on table top or floor stands, providing other options for elegant closet lighting.
  • Choices for Every Decor. A variety of mini chandelier choices makes it easy to find one for each type of closet decor.

Beauty and Function Made Simple

It’s often the small changes that make the greatest impact on a home’s decor. Adding a mini chandelier lamp to a closet will instantly transform it from ho-hum to wow. With a variety of choices and styles, it’s easy to find the ideal mini chandelier for each closet. With so much time being spent in one’s closet, shouldn’t beauty and function both be important?

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Interior Design Tips: Chandeliers in Foyers

When people think chandeliers, some get stuck on those classic images of an ornate crystal piece dangling over a dining room table or above a fancy sitting room designed for show. No place can a chandelier create a more dramatic sight than in an entryway, though. Installing chandeliers in a foyer creates a striking interior that captures the attention of guests from the moment they walk through the door.

Single Chandelier Design

It only takes one chandelier to be a show-stopper, and when hanging only one piece, that piece can be more decorative than pieces hung together. With nothing else with which to compete, large chandeliers with multiple components won’t look cluttered or overwhelming in a space. This arrangement is the perfect time to opt for that antique French brass or Maria Theresa crystal.

Multiple Chandelier Design

While ballrooms can get away with hanging multiple chandeliers, most spaces are too crowded to make multiple chandeliers work. When hanging multiple lighting fixtures in smaller spaces, simpler designs tend to be less obtrusive, so choosing less accessorized chandeliers, such as shaded chandeliers, or opting for wall sconces instead, can save a room from looking cluttered with light.

Whatever the design style of a foyer, amateur decorators should never need to overspend. Our wholesale prices let interior designers create magnificent entryways on a budget.

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Can I Use a Chandelier in the Living Room?

If you’re looking for a way to bring new life to your living room try looking up. A new light fixture may be all that’s needed for that extra something that makes the whole room sparkle. No matter what your décor style is, don’t overlook the design possibilities of a chandelier; there’s one that’s right for every style. In the world of lighting few fixtures are more impressive than a grand chandelier dripping with crystals, but if your taste runs more to the contemporary, modern, whimsical or even rustic Kingdom Lighting has a chandelier to fit your style.

Lighting Needs

Ambient and task lighting are the two types of light typically needed in a living room, chandeliers can fulfill both of those needs.

  • Task Lighting with a Chandelier: A small shaded chandelier hung low near a reading chair makes a stylish task light and eliminates the need to take up space on a table with a lamp. Shades on a chandelier help direct the light downward where it’s needed most. The addition of a dimmer switch makes the lamp more functional, lower the volume for mood lighting and turn it up when you need task lighting.
  • Ambient Lighting with a Chandelier: With crystals or without, the form of a chandelier is perfect for bouncing light up toward the ceiling and out to the walls. In a large living room that requires track or recessed lighting, use a chandelier as a decorative accent to draw focus away from less attractive but functional lights.
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Interior Design Tips: Chandeliers in Dining Rooms

Choosing the ideal chandelier for your dining rooms is simply a matter of taste, and regardless of the look you seek, there will be something within your budget that you’ll simply fall in love with at Kingdom Lighting.

Kingdom Lighting


Get Colorful and Creative – From pinks, ebony, and blues to hues of pistachio, today’s chandelier options for dining rooms are available in a vast array of exciting hues. Choose from pastels or vibrant colors to complement your decor, table setting, or to set the mood for the entire room. Colored crystals, shaded chandeliers, pendants, flush mounts, vintage, contemporary – regardless of fashion preferences, Kingdom Lighting’s selection is beyond impressive for those seeking to add color to their lighting.


Vintage or Contemporary Styling – If your dining room is obviously more contemporary or retro, think beyond vintage or classic chandelier styles. Our assortments of pendant crystal chandeliers feature some truly inspiring retro aesthetics that can bring the look of your dining room together in an impressive fashion. Those sporting a vintage look need not feel abandoned when it comes to modern styling; there are ample color, shape, and shading options in classic styles, too.


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Interior Design Tips: Chandeliers for Kid’s Rooms

Kingdom LightingChandeliers in children’s room is a fantastic way to add color and design. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from at Kingdom Lighting, making it easy to find the perfect decorative lighting for any child. Many of the options designed for children’s rooms are also excellent ways to incorporate parts of the child’s personality into the design. Here are some great examples of chandeliers for children’s rooms.

Crown Shaped Chandeliers

These chandeliers, designed to be shaped like a crown, are perfect for children who often spend time daydreaming about royalty. Since these designs come in a variety of colors, the decorative lighting can be designed to perfectly match or complement the rest of the room.

Four Arm Valentino Chandelier

Those who prefer a more classically shaped chandelier may appreciate this four armed option, shown above. The formal style is a fantastic way to dress up the child’s room without having to worry about leaving items around that could be broken.

Five Arm Ballroom Chandelier

This is another classic style that provides a chic addition to a children’s room. It is easy to coordinate this design with the rest of the room and creates a look that is fit for a prince (or princess).