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Tips On How To Clean Your Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers look beautiful with the soft light from the bulbs striking crystals and sending a glow throughout a room. Yet that glow can fade as dust collects on the chandelier. Here are some helpful tips on how to clean a glass chandelier.

crystal chandelierTip 1: Prepare by turning off the light and laying down a tarp. Don’t take the chance of someone turning on the light. Turn it completely off and place a tarp, old sheet or blanket on the floor to catch dust that falls from the chandelier.

Tip 2: Take pictures of the chandelier. The photos will help when putting the chandelier back together.

Tip 3: Remove the bulbs and unhook the chandelier if able. Some chandeliers can’t be disconnected from the ceiling as each dirty crystal will need to be removed for cleaning.

Tip 4: Wash crystals in soapy water and rinse them in hot water. Set them aside to dry. Work in sections and put back in the clean crystals before removing the next section of dirty ones.

Tip 5: Wipe off the frame. Use a damp soapy cloth or metal cleaner and carefully wipe down the entire frame. Buff the frame dry.

Tip 6: Hang the clean chandelier. It is ideal to have a second person help in taking down the chandelier and lifting it back up into place so it does not become dropped.

Many people will try standing on a ladder and cleaning the chandelier using a wet cotton glove. It can be very dangerous, as crystals can become dislodged or the person may knock the chandelier down. Instead, take it completely apart to ensure the entire chandelier gets clean. For people who plan to clean the chandelier while it is hanging, have additional help as each person can take one side of the chandelier to clean.

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Crystal Chandeliers Fit for Royalty

Anyone who has ever had the fortune to stroll through the famous palaces of Europe understands the importance of good lighting. After all, even if you have antique furniture, plush Persian carpeting, masterpieces hanging on the wall, and crystal stemware for guests to drink out of, who can appreciate a master design if they can barely see in front of them? To turn the interior of your home into a space fit for a king, look for lighting options that project in all directions.

Maria Theresa chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers like the Maria Theresa design (named for the famous Austrian empress’ own chandeliers) draw the attention of anyone who steps into a room. Install one of these chandeliers in a high-roofed area in order to cast light from every angle. These crystal masterpieces have been finished in twenty-four carat gold plate for a beautiful durability that cannot be matched.

Each polished, hand-cut crystal drop captures the imagination while illuminating the space about it by amplifying the soft but powerful light created by the bulbs within. A single Maria Theresa wall sconce can have only two bulbs; a prismatic chandelier may boast as many as four dozen. Whichever the lighting piece that moves you, however, you can be sure that these fixtures have a practical as well as aesthetically pleasing function, capable of acting as the sole light source in your own palace.

Chandeliers, Crystal Chandelier, Crystal Chandeliers

How To Pick The Right Lighting In A Foyer

The foyer in your home provides an open feeling to the space to welcome guests when they enter through the front door. Yet because the space is so huge, you have problems property lighting the stairs and showing off the artwork and decorations in the space.

A foyer chandelier gives a touch of elegance in the home while providing the right amount of lighting. Choosing the best foyer chandelier can be confusing, as you don’t want one that doesn’t give inadequate lighting or causes people to smack their heads into it.

large foyer chandeliersMeasure The Space

Measuring the foyer allows you to get an idea on both the size of the large foyer chandelier you need and where to place it to give optimal lighting. Ideally, a chandelier should hang at least 9 feet from off the floor. If you have a low ceiling that is only 9 feet to 10 feet tall, the chandelier must give a 7-foot clearance for people to walk underneath it.

Large foyer chandeliers normally come in sizes from 36 inches in diameter and larger. Keep in mind the width of the foyer as you may choose a narrower chandelier, such as a waterfall or crystal Bagel chandelier for tight spaces and wider chandeliers such as Maria Theresa Crystal chandelier. For foyers that are two-stories high or more, select a two-story Royal crystal chandelier or a Cinderella Palace Crystal chandelier.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in choosing a foyer chandelier is picking one too small for the space. Have all the foyer measurements available and ask the sales representative to steer you toward the right size chandeliers for the room as then you can pick out the style you want.


Plane and Trains: Kids’ Chandeliers

Decorating a kid’s room can be a fun and rewarding project for both you and your child. Choosing paint colors, commissioning a wall mural, buying a themed bed spread and adding finishing touches all helps you to create a fun, inviting environment. But did you know you can take kids’ room decor to the next level with a custom chandelier?

chandelierIf you’re decorating your child’s room in a train or plane motif, we have custom artistic chandeliers that are the perfect accents for these themes. Our 5 Arm Wooden Train Children’s Chandelier features colorful hand-painted train cars on each arm as well as a larger one in the middle. The chandelier is accented by fun, festive, colorful mini lamp shades over each light. Dimensions are 16.5″ across x 15.5″ high.

chandelierOur 5 Arm Wooden Airplane Chandelier for children’s rooms comes with checkered yellow mini lamp shades over little planes along with a hand-painted larger airplane in the center. Dimensions are 19″ across x 15.5″ high.

Either one of these beautiful, whimsical chandeliers would be perfect for your kids’ themed room or a baby’s nursery. Each chandelier is custom-made to order just for you and your child. is your quality, reliable source for antique and modern crystal chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces and a huge selection of mini-lamp shades. We also offer Maria Theresa chandeliers at wholesale prices.

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There’s a Spiral Chandelier For Your Room–You Just Have To Find It

A spiral crystal chandelier can make for an amazing piece of interior design, if you put in the time to get it right. There are few rooms which can’t pull off the spiral chandelier in some style or form–and few interior design pieces have the flexibility of a well-chosen chandelier in accenting, changing, or contrasting with a room’s aesthetic. So if you want to experiment with a spiral chandelier…here’s how you do it:

crystal chandeliers#1: Know Your Decor
You need to have a decent grasp of the room you’re considering a chandelier for. Is it modern, classical, fusion? What’s the color/material/texture scheme? What contrasts and accents do you already have?

#2: Consider Logistics
Where can you install the spiral chandelier? How much clearance do you have? Is there a good place to anchor it? If it comes with electrical fittings, can you wire it conveniently? Knowing this stuff in advance will keep you from wasting a lot of time and money.

#3: Decide Whether to Match or Contrast
Once you have a grasp of your options, it’s time to consider them. If your room already has several pieces providing contrast, an accenting spiral chandelier to strengthen the basic charm of the room might be best. If the room is already heavy on one style without any flair and contrast, go a bit wilder. Just be mindful of the total effect.

#4: Select a Spiral Chandelier
You know what you need, you know what you have room for, it’s time to pick the chandelier that matches your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help–if you did your research and know what you need, it won’t be hard for a dealer to find you a few good choices to pick from.

#5: Install It Right
If you’ve no experience installing lighting and other overhead fixtures, doing so can be potentially risky on several levels–the last thing you want is all that lovely glass falling and shattering on your dinner table in the middle of a meal. Check and check again if you do it yourself, or leave it to a trained professional.

modern crystal chandelier

Light Up Your Apartment with a Chandelier

crystal chandliersFew home decor pieces mix together function and fashion quite as well as a chandelier. Capable of illuminating an entire room while also capturing the imagination of viewers, a chandelier can provide an apartment with a classical touch and a practical value. How can you model an interior space with a chandelier?

While the obvious and most popular choice for any chandelier hanging typically is in and around the dining room, there’s no reason to give this part of your apartment the only consideration. A multifaceted chandelier can be the light source for living rooms, kitchens, and even larger master bathrooms. Consider unorthodox locations in your apartment that could benefit from a chandelier placement.

While crystal never goes out of style, not all chandeliers need to have lots of ice in order to look good. A chandelier should always command attention and respect, but need not do so in an imperious or draconian manner. Have fun with the design and think of ways to change up the piece from the status quo so that it will be remembered by family and friends.


Choosing between a Chandelier or Wall Sconces

Choosing the perfect lighting fixture for any room can be difficult. Choosing between a chandelier or wall sconces can also be tricky. A few considerations that can help you make the correct choice are as follows.

1. Lighting with Purpose:

All lighting has at least one action, to light up a darkened space. Sometimes; however, the purpose for the lighting unit may be more than just to light up the darkness. When it comes time to choose between a chandelier or wall sconces, think about all of the functions that the lighting unit will perform.

2: Energy Usage:

The usage of energy by the fixture can also be an important consideration. Over the lifetime of use, a fixture that has a high operating cost can cost a small fortune. When you think about energy cost, don’t be afraid to choose a fixture that seems out of your budget. Instead, consider the long term cost and see which fixture costs more over time.

3. Lighting as Decor:

Certain rooms need certain types of lighting fixtures. Small, low-ceilinged rooms, obviously cannot support a Chandelier. Narrow hallways may make wall sconces that stick out an unpractical choice. How the room is used, is also a consideration. Wall scones are good as accent pieces to add to a theme or decor. You can also use wall sconces to draw attention or place an emphasis on a certain part of a room. A chandelier, on the other hand, can be a center piece. Chandeliers often provide a lot more light than wall scones provide. A good feature of any chandelier is a dimming switch that allows for you to control the amount of light that is produced.

Think about how the light fixture will be used, how much it really costs in the long term, and how it will fit into the decor of your home. In so doing, you will be able to choose between a chandelier or wall sconces.

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Why a Chandelier with a Shade is the Perfect Addition to Your Home

When it comes to chandeliers, there is definitely no shortage on styles, especially when you shop at Kingdom Lighting USA. From classic silhouettes to ornate designs, there is something for everyone. But if you really want to make a statement, a chandelier with a shade is your best bet.

Make it Modern

modern chandeliers

If you love the class and elegance that comes with a chandelier, but you have a modern decor scheme, a chandelier with a shade is the ideal solution. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of the crystals while providing the straight lines you desire for your contemporary space.

Warm it Up

Modern spaces are not the only ones that can benefit from the glamour of a chandelier with a shade. In fact, the softened light that they emit can prove to be the perfect finishing touch for a cozy, traditional design aesthetic. Their warm glow will bring intimacy to your space while inducing a sense of relaxation throughout the room.

Attract Attention

When you incorporate a chandelier with a shade into your home’s interior, your home will be at the forefront of today’s design trends. Almost everyone out there has had the privilege of seeing the beauty of a classic crystal chandelier; however, chandeliers with shades are new to the scene. When your friends and family see yours, they will be in awe as they admire the unique beauty it provides.

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What to Consider When Selecting the Color of Your Crystal Chandelier

modern crystal chandelierYou know that you want a chandelier; It will give your home a level of sophistication and class that only a chandelier can provide and you can’t wait to see how amazing it makes your home look. The only problem is that you can’t decide which color you want your chandelier to be. With all of the stunning crystal chandelier hues offered by Kingdom Lighting USA, your only limitation is your imagination.

Pick Wisely

From green to red to even pink and black, there are many different colors that you can choose for your crystal chandelier. Of course, you want the hue you select to coordinate with the other main colors in your space, like the upholstered furniture and wall paint. However, you also want to look at the crystal color itself and make sure you like what it represents. For instance, black adds drama and is a great choice for a modern space, while gold fits in flawlessly with a traditional vibe.

Don’t Stop There

The crystals on your chandelier are not the only part you will notice. The metalwork actually plays a very important role and can add cohesiveness to your decor. For example, if you are going for a contemporary look, chrome is probably the best choice. However, if your design aesthetic is more traditional, an antiqued bronze may be the perfect finishing touch.

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Designing your Bathroom with a Chandelier

modern crystal chandeliersOften elegant and ornamented, chandeliers are those ceiling mounted light fixtures that enhances the atmosphere of a space while also demanding attention. They are certainly beautiful – in fact, according to the make and style of the chandelier, a space can be instantly transformed from dull to vintage, playful or even graceful. What was once reserved for dining rooms and foyers has evolved to be acceptable in almost every room in the home. We at Kingdom Lighting USA offer chandeliers of all styles that can be showcased in spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms and powder rooms. Below are three simple ways to design a bathroom with a chandelier.

Designing your Bathroom with a Chandelier:

  • Make it stand out: More traditional chandeliers are designed to be the standout piece of the space, in order to help it be the center of attention, it is important to not over-clutter your bathroom with additional “grand” décor. Adding to many attention grabbing features in your bathroom will take away from the features of the chandelier.
  • Complement the décor: It is not enough to purchase any style of chandelier, the lighting you choose needs to complement the existing décor of the bathroom. For example, a vintage style bathroom should be enhance with a vintage styled chandelier and a kids bathroom should be outfitted with a lovely child-inspired fixture.
  • Choose the right size: Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, it is important to choose the right size for your space. A tiny fixture in a grand bathroom will certainly get lost and a large chandelier in a smaller space will be overbearing.