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Interior Design Tips: Chandeliers for Kid’s Rooms

Kingdom LightingChandeliers in children’s room is a fantastic way to add color and design. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from at Kingdom Lighting, making it easy to find the perfect decorative lighting for any child. Many of the options designed for children’s rooms are also excellent ways to incorporate parts of the child’s personality into the design. Here are some great examples of chandeliers for children’s rooms.

Crown Shaped Chandeliers

These chandeliers, designed to be shaped like a crown, are perfect for children who often spend time daydreaming about royalty. Since these designs come in a variety of colors, the decorative lighting can be designed to perfectly match or complement the rest of the room.

Four Arm Valentino Chandelier

Those who prefer a more classically shaped chandelier may appreciate this four armed option, shown above. The formal style is a fantastic way to dress up the child’s room without having to worry about leaving items around that could be broken.

Five Arm Ballroom Chandelier

This is another classic style that provides a chic addition to a children’s room. It is easy to coordinate this design with the rest of the room and creates a look that is fit for a prince (or princess).


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The Blue Room Crystal Chandelier

crystal chandelierOne of the most famous crystal chandeliers in the country belongs to the nation’s most well-known home: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, commonly referred to as the White House. Inside the President’s official residence is a parlor known as “the Blue Room” for its predominantly blue furnishings. This distinctively oval room is used primarily for receptions and sometimes informal dinners. President Grover Cleveland even got married there in 1886–to this day, the only presidential wedding the White House has hosted.

Furnished in the neoclassic French Empire style, the Blue Room features gilded European beech furniture, bergères, fauteuils, a marble-top center table purchased by President James Monroe in 1817 and an ormolu mantel clock featuring a figure of Hannibal. It also includes an early 19th century French crystal chandelier made of gilded wood and cut glass. The chandelier was acquired during the Kennedy Administration and originally hung in the President’s dining room. It’s now the centerpiece of the Blue Room’s decor, however, during Christmas the chandelier is moved to make room for a large Christmas tree placed in the center of the parlor.

This photo shows the Blue Room as it looked during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant. Since then, the room has been completely disassembled and rebuilt for renovations, but the room’s primary function and design remain the same.

Crystal Chandeliers

The Winchester Mystery House and Its Crystal Chandeliers

crystal chandelierSarah Winchester was the widow of William Winchester, the wealthy magnate responsible for the Winchester Rifle, but she came to be famous in her own right after her husband’s death. According to legend, Winchester went to a medium who told her to leave her home in New Haven, Connecticut, travel west and build a home both for herself and the restless spirits killed by her husband’s invention. The medium told her she must appease these ghosts by constantly building her home–if she ever stopped construction, she would die.

Whether or not this story is true, Winchester did exactly that, inexplicably leaving New Haven for San Jose, California and continually adding on to an increasingly unwieldy and eccentric mansion for 38 years until she died in 1922. Today, the house is famous and beloved for its bizarre interior design, which includes miles of labyrinthine hallways and secret passages (supposedly included for Winchester to escape those restless spirits), staircases and doorways that lead nowhere and immaculately furnished rooms and chambers. It’s estimated that during her lifetime, between 500 and 600 rooms were built and rebuilt in Winchester’s mansion.

One of the most famous decorations in the house is a giant silver chandelier imported from Germany that hangs above the Grand Ballroom and originally held 12 candles. There are plenty of other crystal chandeliers tucked inside the house for those willing to look for them as well, although the home’s incredible size might make finding them a bit difficult.

Crystal Chandeliers

Chandelier Songs Mixtape: Vol. II

crystal chandeliersContinuing our collection of chandelier songs from last week, here’s a few more of our favorite songs about crystal chandeliers. These songs are a bit more recent, dating back from the early 2000s to just last last year.

  • Cloud Cult: Chandeliers (2004): The Minneapolis-based pop collective Cloud Cult is known for their interesting arrangements and “Chandeliers,” from their 2004 LP Aurora Borealis, is no exception. It’s an anxiety-tinged love song that also features a piano and cello but builds to a stirring crescendo during the catchy refrain.
  • Deerhoof: Chandelier Searchlight (2008): Like most songs from the San Francisco art rock quartet Deerhoof, we’re not really sure what “Chandelier Searchlight” is actually about, but we do like the image of a crystal chandelier searchlight, and the song is atypically sweet and simple from a band that can occasionally be anything but.
  • Action Bronson: Rare Chandeliers (2012): Over a sample of a 1974 track by the Polish rock group Budka Suflera, Queens-born MC Action Bronson lets lose his signature stream of consciousness rhymes in this cut from the 2012 mixtape of the same name, but it’s the hook that caught our attention. In it, disparate snippets of dialogue can be heard describing various chandeliers–and rare ones at that, we can only assume.
Crystal Chandeliers

The Chandelier Songs Mixtape: Vol. I

crystal chandelierAt Kingdom Lighting, we love crystal chandeliers, but we’re not the only ones. Who else loves chandeliers as much as we do? Some of our favorite pop musicians who have gone so far as to write songs mentioning our preferred lighting fixtures by name. Here’s a couple to give you an idea.

  • Johnny Cash: Crystal Chandeliers and Burgundy (1974): Johnny Cash’s ode to the boxcar-jumping drifter lifestyle describes a man who has nothing but his visions of a life of luxury in this track from 1974′s Junkie and the Juicehead Minus Me. For him, nothing could be more opulent than a crystal chandelier and bottle of burgundy. We’re not here to disagree.
  • Braid: The Chandelier Swing (1996): Braid only released three albums in their initial ’90s run, their hardcore debut, their more pop-oriented swan song and 1996′s The Age of Octeen, which meshed the two seemingly polar opposite styles together to create arguably their greatest work. The penultimate track, “The Chandelier Swing,” was one of the quieter and prettier songs on the album, even though it came from Braid’s more hardcore-minded guitarist/vocalist Chris Broach. It remains a live staple at the reunited band’s recent shows.
  • David Dondero: The Stars Are my Chandelier (2003): Technically, the Minnesotan singer-songwriter is describing his lack of a chandelier, but we’re still counting this road-weary folk ballad from his 2003 LP The Transient because we’re fans.
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Designing Your Home Around Your Chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers Can Make or Break A RoomGiven the grandeur of their design, crystal chandeliers are fully capable of carrying the design of an entire room on its shoulders. One could hang a brand new chandelier and almost call it a day with decorating. The only question is which look to go for. The interesting thing is that most people go about this in entirely the wrong manner. While they might end up with a room they enjoy, they could have ended up with a room they are in love with. It is not nearly as backwards as it sounds.

Most people survey their rooms, take note of the décor and then go searching for a Maria Theresa chandelier that fits the decorating scheme. While this certainly makes sense, reversing the order can have a profound effect on the look of your home. By starting with a grand chandelier that you love and building the room around it, you are almost guaranteed to end up with a room that is practically dripping with sophistication, class and beauty. By building the room around a crystal chandelier, you are starting from a jumping off point of beauty. And when you start with beauty, you usually end up with beauty. It is a relatively simple decorating equation.

The next time you are planning a redecorating adventure, browse online for the perfect chandelier. We promise you will not be disappointed.

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Keep Your Crystal Chandelier Shining Through the Years

Crystal Chandeliers People invest in crystal chandeliers for their absolute beauty. The cascading crystals create an immediate atmosphere of splendor and elegance. A well-built crystal chandelier can stay in working condition for 10 years or more, depending on the amount of care you put into its upkeep. Since dirt and grime will be immediately evident, a regular cleaning is absolutely crucial to keep your Maria Theresa chandelier sparkling. Thankfully, cleaning your crystal chandelier is not as arduous as you might imagine.

Tips for Cleaning Your Crystal Chandelier:

  1. Mix one part isopropyl alcohol with three parts water and pour into a spray bottle.
  2. Turn off the circuit breaker that provides power to your chandelier and remove any light bulbs that are screwed into the chandelier.
  3. Spray a microcloth or soft cotton glove with the cleaning solution. Keep a dry one handy as well. With the wet cloth, carefully clean one crystal at a time. Then use the dry cloth to polish the same crystal. Repeat this process until all of the crystals have been cleaned.
  4. Dust the frame of the chandelier with the dry cloth. Do not use the cleaning solution on any of the hardware; this will cause damage.
  5. Dust the light bulbs before returning them to the chandelier.
  6. Turn on the power and admire your handiwork!

Repeat every month or so to keep the cleaning process painless and your chandelier looking spectacular.

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Edible Chandeliers You Will Never Believe

peep chandelierWhile the chances of this new do-it-yourself trend overtaking the position of the crystal chandelier as the lighting fixture of choice for most homes, the latest lighting trend we have been made aware of is edible chandeliers. Before you scoff, take a look. With ambitious folks making chandeliers out of everything from Peep candy to Gummi Bears and baby food jars, there is something to satisfy even the ficklest of taste buds. Clearly if you have serious lighting needs, a Maria Theresa chandelier is the way to go. But if you want something a little quirky, here are a few of our favorites.

Edible Chandeliers We Love:

  1. Peep  Chandelier: Not ready to let Easter go? Have an overload of Peep candies? Want to shock your husband? This Peep chandelier is made from nothing other than wood, twine and Peep candy. While it is not likely to meet all of your lighting needs, it does make an adorable statement that will be talked about for years to come.
  2. Gummi Bear Chandelier: Disclaimer: You will need 3,000 gummi bears for this project. This is an undertaking for the committed. But, the end result is simply incredible!
  3. Baby Food Jar Chandelier: This is, by far, the most practical of the bunch. Emptied and cleaned baby food jars are turned upside down to create a lighting effect that is far more elegant than the name would imply.

Decide for yourself, but we are totally smitten!

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Go Green with Chandeliers

green lightbulbPeople are starting to grasp the idea that our planet is not one giant renewable resource. Our planet needs our cooperation in keeping itself green, abundant and able to sustain life. Thanks to this new resolve to keep our planet green and gorgeous, everything from roofing to cars has “gone green.” Crystal chandeliers and the lighting world are no exception.

While installing a gorgeous Maria Theresa chandelier in your dining room hardly comes to mind as a particularly “green” action, there is plenty you can do to turn that stunning piece of lighting into something that will keep the Earth shining for at least another thousand years.

First, use energy-saving bulbs instead of the more traditional versions. If you shop around and do your homework, you can find brands that use up to half as much electricity.

Second, install a dimmer switch instead of the traditional on/off option. Using a dimmed setting uses less energy and creates an ambiance that simply can’t be beat. If you think about it, none of us really need to be operating under 120 watts of concentrated light anyway.

Lastly, turn it off when you leave the room. Your mom has probably been telling you this since you were a child, but it is so effective! The simple act of turning the lights off as you leave a room will save you tons of money and add a few years onto the planet’s lifespan.

Going green with your crystal chandeliers is easy!

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Revamping a Chandelier with Paint

painting a chandelier Maria Theresa chandeliers are elegant, bold and absolutely divine. There is simply no denying that. That said, we do not live in a one chandelier fits all kind of world. Americans crave individuality. We worship our right to express our individuality in whatever ways we see fit. This means that, as long as no one else gets physically or emotionally injured, we are free to do things that might seem sacrilegious.

If the crystal chandelier you bought a couple years ago is no longer making you happy, it might be time to spice things up with paint. With nothing more than a little spray paint and elbow grease, you can create a new and completely modern chandelier in almost no time. Here is a step-by-step guide to the process.

Painting Your Chandelier:

  1. Take apart the chandelier carefully. This means removing all crystals, lampshades and bulbs. If you have a lamp that breaks apart into multiple pieces, separate those and group all the metal ones together.
  2. Wipe down all the metal parts with a damp rag.
  3. Tape off all attached non-metal areas (including plastic candle holders and electrical cords) and cover socket areas completely with tape.
  4. Spray the metal parts with a thin, even coat of metal primer and let dry. Then use spray paint to coat the same metal parts. Use multiple thin coats instead of one thick one.
  5. Allow the chandelier to dry, reassemble and hang.

Behold! A brand new, DIY chandelier to show off your personality!