5 minutes, take you into the intelligent street light pole

The development of street lights has gone through three periods of ordinary street lights → cultural street lights → intelligent street lights, from the lighting function gradually developed into a smart city entrance. Ordinary street light only lighting function, can only meet the most basic lighting needs; and cultural street light is mainly in the shape of a breakthrough, giving the street light landscape, artistic.

From ordinary street lights to cultural street lights, street lights are a single lighting function. And the wisdom street light overturned the previous thinking, is an important entrance to the smart city.

A variety of functions such as smart lighting, weather station, air quality detection, urban Wifi coverage, video monitoring, charging pile, LED information release, information interaction, one-key alarm, 4G/5G base station, etc. are collected on a light pole, and through integrated sensors, information of the city is collected to provide a variety of data support for the big data application of the smart city, and also to provide security for city residents, and convenient life services to make the city more livable.

In recent years, under the strong promotion of the new 5G infrastructure policy, the multi-functional smart light poles have received more and more attention.

The wisdom light pole is a kind of wisdom street light product that integrates various information equipment technology innovation compound application, the whole wisdom light pole contains street light lighting control system, WIFI antenna base station, video monitoring management, advertising screen broadcast control system, urban environment real-time monitoring, emergency call system, charging pile system and manhole cover monitoring system and other applications.
The evolution mode of street lights gradually changes from the traditional single individual to the current interconnection of everything, such as: people flow statistics, environmental monitoring, fast charging, information release, emergency linkage alarm service points, etc. Thus, the efficient use of urban public space is realized. On the other hand, it also shines in the process of vehicle networking construction, cloud network construction and communication network construction.

Compared with traditional street lights, the management of intelligent street lights is more detailed, so that it can better meet the actual needs, to achieve a unified intelligent control strategy for intelligent street lights, the time period, the region, the actual situation of traffic flow, such as every other light a, every second light a, moderate reduction in illumination and other settings; as well as automatic inspection to report whether the equipment is running normally, the most substantial savings in energy and operating costs, to improve real-time, reliability, efficiency. reliability and efficiency.
In general, in the trend of rapid development of smart city construction and the Internet of Things and other technologies, the multi-functional smart street light pole is an indispensable part of urban construction.

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