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Since the launch of Google Nest Audio smart speaker in October last year, the launch of “graphite black” and “pink charcoal white” two colors,. The discussion about Nest Audio continues to be high, in this article, I compiled a list of the top 10 features of Nest Audio, together to explore the highest CP value of this smart speaker!

Google Nest Audio smart speaker can be divided into two parts, the first is “excellent sound quality”, the second is “with the words can be”!

Excellent sound quality

First, the sound quality is full and rich
Nest Audio is equipped with 75mm woofer, 19mm tweeter and audio adjustment software, allowing users to enjoy a clear sound quality and majestic bass listening experience in the room. Nest Audio has 75% more volume and 50% more bass than the first generation Google Home. It provides stable and consistent treble coverage and clear vocal performance, with stunning bass effects, making it a great tool for heating up the party atmosphere.

Clear and beautiful sound quality

Nest Audio adjusts to the surroundings and what the user is listening to, making the music more beautiful and the news sound clearer. Nest Audio can also be adjusted according to the background noise in the home, such as raising the volume, so that people can clearly hear the Google Assistant’s response.

Full, clear sound around your home
Stream your favorite music and other media content.

Nest Audio is specially tuned to maintain a balance of bass, midrange, and treble without missing or over-emphasizing any details, perfect for all styles of music from classical to rhythm and blues to pop. Nest Audio is able to faithfully represent what the performer wanted to achieve when recording their work.

Play your favorite content through popular streaming services
Simply give Google a voice command to listen to songs and playlists on popular streaming services like MyMusic. You can also enjoy great streaming quality by dropping content from hundreds of compatible apps on your phone, tablet or laptop over a Wi-Fi network.

Double the sound

Enjoy stereo sound by pairing two Nest Audio speakers and using them to play the left and right channels separately for stereo sound. You can also set Nest Audio in the same group with other Nest devices such as Nest Mini, or you can add your TV to the group via Chromecast to enjoy a great listening experience in every corner of your home.

Make music everywhere

Use Nest Audi smart speakers to fill every corner of your home with music. You can also use radio messages, chat with people in other rooms, and make phone calls.

Just use the words, just use your mouth and not your hands.
A. Voice query system
Just say “Ok Google / Hey Google” and you can easily let Google Voice Assistant serve you.

Google can provide you with powerful assistance everywhere in your home. You can also ask Google to provide you with weather information or news content by simply using voice commands, such as “Ok Google, time me for 5 minutes”, and almost any kind of information can be queried by simply speaking.

Manage smart home devices
Just give Nest Audio a voice command to turn on the lights, turn on the TV, and perform other actions.

With voice commands to control smart devices, Nest Audio works with compatible smart devices, and there are hundreds of smart home devices that can be used to turn on lights and perform other actions for you.

Last but not least, there are two important features!

One, built-in privacy protection mechanism
Protecting users’ privacy is the design principle of Nest Audio. Just say “Ok Google, delete the conversation” to delete your record.

To manually turn off the microphone, simply slide the microphone switch on the back and turn it orange, so Nest Audio will not receive voice commands.

Thoughtful design and environmental awareness
Google Nest Audio is designed with a unique color and slim design to fit perfectly into the home environment.

Sustainable development is the design principle of Nest Audio, and 70% of the speaker enclosure is made of recycled plastic, which is environmentally conscious.

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