How To Choose A Smart Light Bulb That Will Make Your Life Better

The term “Smart Home” has been around for more than a decade but the technology has finally reached the point where it is affordable for the masses. In many cases, you can get a whole house system for less than what you would pay for just the lighting. Smart home lighting is not just about convenience either. There are numerous health and safety benefits to having controlled lighting in your home. For example, studies show that people who use fewer electrical devices in their homes are at a significantly lower risk of getting sick from electric utilities.

Even if you’re not ready to commit to an entire smart home, smart bulbs are still a worthwhile investment.

The Advantages of a Smart Bulb

you can save money: By using less electricity, you won’t have to pay as much for your electricity bill.
– you can save energy: A lot of wasted energy goes into turning on lights that aren’t needed. Scheduling smart lights can help avoid this.
– you can increase safety: If you leave a light on in an empty room, it can be seen from the street. With a smart light, that room will be dark.
– you can make your house more eco-friendly: Because smart lights are more efficient, you can use them in rooms that don’t get used often, and leave the regular lights on in rooms that you do use often.

How to buy the best smart light bulb

– choose energy efficient bulbs – bulbs that work with your existing light fittings

– check labels for mercury and lead
– don”t use bulbs that say “tungsten-halogen” or “hot dipped” because they are much more energy inefficient than normal incandescent bulbs
 – choose a smart bulb, which means one that has an app and a web interface so you can adjust the brightness, schedule your lighting or add other compatible smart devices like temperature and humidity sensors

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