Introduction to Smart Home

Smart home is a residential home as a platform, using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security prevention technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the facilities related to home life, build an efficient management system of residential facilities and family schedule affairs, enhance home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and achieve an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment.

Overview Smart home covers intelligent lighting system, electric curtain system, background music system, HVAC control system, intelligent home appliance control system, security alarm system, intelligent door lock system, video monitoring system, environment perception system, intelligent garden, etc., and finally uses advanced computer technology, network communication and modern control technology as the core to organically integrate all systems and equipment in the building into one It can be remotely controlled or regularly controlled and managed, thus creating a comfortable, convenient, safe and energy-saving living environment. When you open the door with your fingerprint in the evening, you can turn on the “home mode”, the main lights and curtains will be turned on, the background music will be turned on, the TV will be turned on, the air conditioner will be turned on, and according to different seasons, the air conditioner can automatically switch to cooling or heating mode, and similarly, the fresh air system can be turned on or off according to the indoor air quality. Of course, the “home mode” will be different during the day and night, and all the control states can be set at will according to your needs.

The kitchen is a part of safety protection that cannot be ignored. When smoke or gas leakage occurs in the kitchen, the background music will sound a voice alarm reminding of smoke or gas leakage, and at the same time, the gas solenoid valve will automatically close, the windows will automatically open, and the system will send information to you and your family’s cell phone by means of WeChat. This allows you to take timely and targeted security measures to effectively protect you and your family’s personal and property safety.

In the bedroom, when it’s time to wake up, the wake-up call music starts slowly, the bedside lamp lights up, you wake up from sleep and press the “wake up” scene button at the bedside. If you decide to continue to rest, you can press the “sleep” button and go back to sleep with peace of mind. The fresh air system that keeps the bedroom working alone while you sleep automatically switches to the whole house air change state, and fresh air is blown to all corners of the room.

Study When you enter the study to work or read, turn on the work or reading mode, the surrounding lights are turned off, the main light is turned on and adjusted to the right brightness, the window screen is slowly closed, and the background music plays soothing soft music to create a comfortable atmosphere for you, so that you can enter the work or reading state more quickly.

Bathroom When you push the door into the bathroom during the day, the background music will automatically play, the toilet lid will automatically open, the exhaust fan will open, and when you push the door into the bathroom at night, the lights will also automatically turn on compared to the daytime. When people leave, all the devices will automatically turn off. All this without you doing any operation, all the time let you experience the humanized care.

The smart audio and video solution for the studio saves you the trouble of adjusting lights, curtains, air conditioners, fresh air and audio and video equipment (amplifiers, projectors, Blu-ray players, projection curtains, projector stands, etc.) If you use mobile terminals or multi-functional smart touch panels, the full control of the whole house is just at your fingertips.

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