LED decorative copper wire lights, the exclusive “tool” to adjust the holiday atmosphere

Home decoration, the placement of lights design is also a discipline, soft color lights can bring a touch of warmth to the living space, and play a role in relieving stress; the popular winding copper wire lights in recent years not only soft light, but also can be arranged in all corners of the home at will, star-like light, to bring a different creativity to your living environment.

The product is made of low-voltage copper wire, the use of the process will not overheat, the beads are dipped in rubber waterproof treatment, can be used outdoors; the product is soft and lightweight, easy to bend, you can make a variety of shapes, and durable, 360 ° flashing effect, very beautiful, suitable for DIY decorative wedding parties, Christmas tables, or any other indoor or outdoor events decoration.

At home, turn off the lights, set up a few colorful changing electronic candle lights, playing soft songs, with a never-ending rose, in this misty dreamy light and their loved ones to live a warm world of two.

In the park, the small area of the tree a flash of shooting stars, flashing again and again meteor lamps, etc., these are some of our life to increase the atmosphere of the lamps, and in the festival we most commonly used is what lights? That is LED string lights, string lights is Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentine”s Day, parties and wedding decoration of the best and most ideal decorations; can be installed in the Christmas tree, living room, bedroom, staircase corridor, courtyard, garden outdoor decoration, etc., any place you can think of for you to add a festive cheerful and charming atmosphere and romantic and warm effect mood! Can also be used in hotels, hotels, bars, parties, commercial buildings, homes, windows, clubs, concerts, concert halls, fashion shows, ballrooms and other places to do decorative embellishment atmosphere.

Mainly used in holiday decoration and Christmas decoration, it has waterproof characteristics and can be directly into the water. The main features of the product: waterproof, environmental protection, temperature bottom, small amount of electricity bottom voltage, long life, wide range of applications, string lights and can be woven into a variety of shapes string lights and a variety of difficult crafts.
LED string light installation is easy to use, set up the shape you want to set, and then pull the power supply, the string light will immediately light up to beautify the effect you want, and can be waterproof, low energy consumption, green and pollution-free and practical, indoor and outdoor are easy, no heat and no soup, hands can touch at will, safe and reliable, high softness, easy to operate, fast and simple, easy to take care of the elderly and children are applicable, the product”s Humanized design, so you save the trouble of installation and use difficulties.

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