New options for smart home entry-level products?

Recently, Samsung launched three new entry-level smart home devices: the new SmartThings camera, smart plug and light bulb.

In August 2018, Samsung launched its smart home IoT platform “Samsung SmartThings” to take the lead in loT ecological advancement.

At CES 2019, Samsung once again put forward its vision of “seamless connected experience across the entire spectrum”. Samsung highlights the application scenarios of IoT – through the connection of Bixby, whether it is a watch, computer, cell phone, smart speakers and other commonly used smart terminals, or smart sockets, smart bulb lights, wireless switches, refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances, all can be easily solved through the “Smart ” solution. “solution to easily solve, and more convenient, safe and healthy, Samsung Bixby technology has taken the lead in the home IoT ecology.

Bixby is now able to provide four major services: the first is voice interaction, the second is the intelligent aggregation of information on the Bixby home page, the third is Bixby visual intelligent recognition, and the fourth is a full range of intelligent reminders. The latest generation of The New Bixby also has superb personalization capabilities. By learning the user”s daily usage habits, it can generate a more accurate user profile that can be tailored to the user”s needs.

After this, Samsung is working closely to continuously enrich the smart devices to make Bixby”s capabilities even greater.

A new option for smart home entry level?

The SmartThings camera that was released offers Full HD video with HDR, night vision IR, two-way audio, person detection and a 145-degree field of view. It comes with a bracket that allows the camera to be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall.

And the Wifi Smart Plug has the advantage of being small enough to allow can allow two plugs to be mounted in the same wall socket.

The smart bulb is a simple 9-watt smart LED bulb with a rated output of 806 lumens, which can also be adjusted for brightness or darkness.

All of these devices can be controlled by Bixby and collaborate with other devices to achieve a more “tech-savvy” operation. You just need to say: “I”m going to bed” or “good night”, the smart light bulb can automatically turn off the bedroom lights, night up, it can also be “body sensor” with the cooperation of Sensing the user out of bed, the light will be turned on at 10% brightness.

This is due to the injection of Bixby artificial intelligence technology, while based on big data and deep learning, users can achieve intelligent Internet of Things through the Samsung Smart Home App, so that each device not only has the ability to think, but also better understand the needs of users.

Since Samsung acquired SmartThings in 2014, it has been used as a “collection” of products, allowing different brands and smart home products to be connected, managed together, and built for automation. In this way, regardless of whether it is produced by Samsung home appliances, can help Bixby, become a part of Samsung”s artificial intelligence IoT layout, and users do not need to buy new devices, you can enjoy the Samsung Smart Home IoT home experience.

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