Smart kitchen and smart life

With the development of smart home appliances technology, smart home service is no longer a fantasy, especially in the environment of mobile Internet of Things, smart home service devices have become more and more flexible.

People who cook a lot will have this experience: if a dish takes a long time to simmer, the waiting time is not easy. From time to time, you have to put down the game you just played for a while, watch half an episode of a series, run into the kitchen to check. Smart Home”s Internet of Things concept is to make people”s lives more convenient. So, intelligent kitchenware solves the user”s “pain point”.

With the development of technology, the design of electronic pots and pans are becoming more humane. For example, there are smart electronic pots on the market designed to add the function of baby porridge, not only can cook porridge suitable for babies, but also comes with a voice function. And in the rapid development of the Internet of Things today, electronic pot will be more intelligent, can be directly connected to the cell phone APP, through the cell phone control electronic pot, before returning home to turn on the electronic pot, you can enjoy the delicious, steaming rice back home.

As the mobile Internet of things thinking continues to deepen, the use of ordinary cell phones to home appliances for remote automatic intelligent control system of intelligent products, will continue to appear. The future of the mobile Internet of Things wisdom of life depends on this little by little wisdom of innovation.

Smart life of health and health a sports equipment

Wearable devices are not only the extension of human body functions, but also the starting products of intelligent life. Most of the devices are aimed at personal health management and intelligent sports. For example, running pedometer, ultraviolet detection, heart rate detection, more and more devices, also began to develop to the field of intelligent sports.

In 2014, people seem to start to wake up, from the WeChat circle of friends every day to send screenshots about walking and running distance, to the Internet manufacturers have launched a record of people”s sports hardware and software, this market seems to have become popular overnight. After the Internet has created the “home life”, it is time to use mobile IoT technology to give users some sports life.

With the increase in the size of China”s outdoor sports population, smart hardware that combines body-sensing technology and is tailor-made for sports is gaining more and more attention. Manufacturers who focus on the concept of “big sports” are now launching new products to adapt to this change. For example, Cloud Lone Era has launched “Cool Run APP Cool Run Sports Watch” and “Cool Play Camera APP Cool Play Camera”, and now the drones are also taking shape.

Life lies in sports, and the meaning of sports is largely expressed through competition. Especially in sports like badminton, which has a high degree of technical complexity and a large degree of public participation. Many people are seeking to improve the skills of the wool ball, but many ordinary racket can bring you little help.

If you love to play badminton, then you can”t miss the Coolwave Puppy Smart Badminton Tracker. In October 2014, “Cool Wave Puppy” began to quietly circulate among badminton fans, the product in Taobao crowdfunding listed in less than ten days to complete the crowdfunding goal, not bad performance.

The Coolwave team developed the Coolwave Puppy 2.0 badminton tracker specifically for badminton fans, just stick the less than 6g hard body on the end of the handle and press the switch. In the process of your playing, the small feather will transmit the data wirelessly to the mobile APP via Bluetooth in real time, and all statistical analysis is done in the background and cloud.

From the appearance, Coolwave Puppy is light and fashionable, and it is very natural and beautiful when connected to the racket, so the designer has obviously put a lot of effort into it.

Through the installation of the corresponding APP in the cell phone, Coolwave Puppy can intelligently recognize the fine movements of air swing, pick, kill and catch, etc. At the same time, it can also record the swing strength, arc and speed and other related information in real time, and form intuitive statistical charts. So that the user”s badminton process can be in-depth analysis, and can be targeted to improve.

Intelligent products for us both in the kitchen and sports have brought great convenience and efficiency.

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