The impact and development of 5G era on smart home

5G technology is fully commercialized, what kind of impact and development will be produced for the smart home of the emerging sunrise industry of the Internet of Things? Many partners are very interested in about this topic, the following I will discuss with you about the 5G era on the smart home in the end will produce what impact and development.

 Mobile communication technology

2G can browse text, 3G can browse pictures, 4G can browse videos, so what can 5G do? Do many people feel that 5G is just a little faster? If you really only know 5G era like this, then you are out!

In the 5G network environment, ultra-high definition video live, VR (virtual reality) / AR (augmented reality) and naked eye 3D and other high-speed applications will be realized, while 5G has a high reliability and low latency, low-power connection two characteristics, will strongly promote the transport medical, industrial control, remote driving, smart city, smart home and other applications into people”s lives, become the entire family intelligent The beginning of life.

5G Smart Home

From the above simple introduction, we can see the importance of 5G technology for the Internet of Things industry, but in fact, for the home smart home system, the technical impact is not much, why say so? We can take a look at the working principle of smart home system.

Smart home system contains: smart smart gateway, smart lock, smart curtain, smart window, smart lighting, video surveillance, security alarm, background music, home theater, etc. These smart devices need to be paired to the smart home gateway, generally through zigBee, LORA or wired protocol for connection, and the smart home gateway can be connected to wifi or inserted into the cell phone card to use traffic with the user Mobile APP communication, if the user wants to remotely control the smart devices at home, such as control lighting, cell phone APP click on the switch to trigger the command, the command through the cell phone network to send the smart home gateway, and then the smart home gateway through these protocols sent to the switch, the switch will automatically open after receiving the command, on the contrary, the home device wants to give you user feedback is through these protocols to send the state to the smart home Gateway, smart home gateway and then through wifi or GPRS traffic sent to the user”s cell phone APP, cell phone APP can be real-time view of the home smart devices related to the work status, and the communication between the smart home gateway and the user”s cell phone APP is a very simple string of code instructions, the existing network environment is sufficient to meet the operation of the smart home system, and the use of 5G, not only a little The existing network environment is sufficient for the operation of smart home system, while the use of 5G is not only a bit big but also will increase the price of smart home products to a certain extent, which greatly delays the development of smart home industry.

Smart home system

In terms of the application of technology, 5G technology will have a greater direct impact on smart single product categories, such as robots, drones, smart cars, etc. Its high speed can bring a good experience for these single products.

So is the 5G era really useless for smart home at all? No, the arrival of the 5G era, the realization of the Internet of Everything in the true sense of the era, it makes everyone pay more attention to intelligent electronic products, to a large extent, prompted people for the recognition and consumption of smart home system, improve the use of the Internet of Things environment, lay a solid foundation for people”s wisdom life, and greatly promote the development of the smart home industry.

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