The influence of intelligent light poles and vehicle-road cooperative application

In China, government departments are gradually optimizing the street light management system to better control energy consumption and minimize the cost of maintenance and management, so that the city lighting work progresses more smoothly, making the application of intelligent street lights more extensive, and play a very important meaning and role in the process of use.

First of all, the comprehensive application of intelligent street lights has a very far-reaching impact on society, and also produces very direct and considerable economic benefits, so that the construction of public lighting management systems to achieve the most intelligent high-end effect, emergency scheduling and scientific decision-making capabilities began to gradually improve, where the urban environment has a very good decorative beautification, but also on behalf of the intelligent management process of urban lighting projects.  

Secondly, through intelligent regulation and control can be secondary energy saving, the maximum extent to avoid the situation of energy loss, the return on investment cycle will be greatly shortened, the use of intelligent street lights can also be timely detection of lighting failure problems, for a variety of traffic accidents and social security events will have a good management effect, so the application in the urban environment will be safer, and currently in the suburban locations around the city also began to be widely used this Street lights are now widely used in suburban locations around cities.  

It can be seen that the intelligent street light really has a very important significance, and in the process of application can also bring a better experience, for the development of urban lighting project will have a certain role in promoting the economic profit return will also have good advantages, so it will be widely used in modern urban life, to play a better effect.

While vigorously developing the intelligent equipment on the vehicle side, driverless also lists the vehicle networking technology as the key development direction, based on the wisdom of the light pole as the main carrier of the road Internet of Things to achieve vehicle-road cooperation, through intelligent sensing on the street light, edge computing and other technologies to achieve the perception of the changing situation of cars, people and things in the city roads, to assist in making driving decisions.   

Relying on the automatic driving on the vehicle, high precision map and sensing technology, it can cooperate with the wisdom street light to more accurately grasp the state of traffic lights, vehicle density, path pedestrians and other information, and stand in the “God”s perspective” to judge the road conditions and adjust the driving state, and the superposition of a number of technologies greatly increases the safety of road driving.

The combination of smart street light and different infrastructure can become a more complete smart city application scenario, combining the smart light pole, smart street light and bicycle intelligence to come out of an innovative road with Chinese characteristics, bringing people a more convenient and intelligent way of life and helping the construction of smart cities.

Combining the three elements of human-vehicle-road is the characteristic of China”s autonomous driving and intelligent network connection, combining smart light pole, smart street light and bicycle intelligence to come out of an innovative road with Chinese characteristics.    

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