Understanding the Smart Home


Under the influence of the Internet of Things (IoT), the smart home is a manifestation of IOT. Smart home connects various devices at home (such as audio and video equipment, lighting system, curtain control, air conditioning control, security system, digital cinema system, network appliances and three meter reading, etc.) through IOT technology to provide home appliance control, lighting control, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwarding and programmable timing control The smart home provides a variety of functions and means such as home appliance control, lighting control, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, burglar alarm, environmental monitoring, HVAC control, infrared forwarding and programmable timing control. Compared with ordinary homes, smart homes not only have traditional living functions, but also have architecture, network communication, information appliances, and equipment automation, integrating system, structure, service, and management into an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient, and environmentally friendly living environment, providing a full range of information interaction functions, helping families and the outside to maintain smooth information exchange, optimizing people’s lifestyles, helping people to effectively arrange their time , enhance the security of home life, and even save money for various energy costs.

Smart home allows users to manage home devices by more convenient means, for example, controlling home devices through touch screen, handheld remote control, telephone and Internet, and even executing situational operations to make multiple devices form linkage; on the other hand, various devices in smart home can communicate with each other and can operate interactively according to different states without user’s command, thus bringing maximum convenience, efficiency, safety and comfort to users. efficiency, safety and comfort. The so-called smart home era is the era of the Internet of Things entering the home. It not only refers to those cell phones.

Tablet PC

It should also include food, drink, sleep, security, health, friendship, and even furniture, and almost all the items and life at home. Its purpose is to make people’s home life more comfortable, simpler, more convenient and happier.

Smart home is a living environment, a living environment with a smart home system installed on the platform of a residence, and the process of implementing a smart home system is called smart home integration. With the residence as the platform, the integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home – system design program security prevention technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be home life related facilities integration, build efficient residential facilities and family schedule affairs management system, enhance home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment. Smart home, need to be understood in two parts, intelligent and home. Home means all kinds of equipment for people’s life; intelligent is the key point that smart home should highlight, which should achieve automatic control management without human operation and control, and can learn the current user habits to do more to meet people’s needs.

II. Composition

Smart home integration is the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security prevention technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the equipment related to home life. Due to the different technical standards and protocols adopted by smart homes, most smart home systems use integrated wiring, but a few systems may not use integrated wiring technology, such as power carrier, in either case, there must be corresponding network communication technology to complete the required signal transmission tasks, so network communication technology is one of the key technologies in smart home integration. Security prevention technology is an essential technology in the smart home system, in the district and indoor visual intercom, home

monitoring, home burglar alarm, family-related community card

and other fields are widely used. Automatic control technology is an essential technology in smart home system, widely used in smart home control center and home equipment automatic control module, which has a very important role in scientific management of home energy and schedule management of home equipment. Audio and video technology is an important technology to realize the comfort and artistry of home environment, which is reflected in the centralized distribution of audio and video, background music, home theater, etc.

III. System

The intelligent home system contains eight major subsystems: home wiring system, home network system, intelligent home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system (such as TVC flat sound), home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system and other major systems. Among them, intelligent home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system are necessary systems, home wiring system, home network system, background music system, home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system are optional systems.

In the identification of smart home system products, the smart home (smart home system products) produced by the manufacturer must belong to the necessary system and can realize the main functions of smart home before it can be called smart home. Therefore, smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system can be directly called smart home (smart home system products). And optional systems can not be directly called smart home, can only use the combination of smart home plus the specific system expression method, such as background music system, called smart home background music. The optional system products directly called smart home, is a misleading behavior to the user.

In the identification of the smart home environment, only a smart home with all the necessary systems installed intact and at least one or more optional systems can be called a smart home.

For an intelligent home there needs to be a wiring system that can support multiple applications such as voice/data, multimedia, home automation, security, etc. This system is also known as an intelligent home wiring system.

IV. Functions


Realize the intelligent management of the whole house lighting, which can be achieved by remote control and other intelligent control methods such as remote control of the whole house lighting switch, dimming, full on and full off and “meeting, theater” and other one-key lighting scene effects; and a variety of control methods such as timing control, telephone remote control, computer local and Internet remote control, etc. To achieve the function, so as to achieve the intelligent lighting of energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable, convenient function.


1, control: local control, multi-point control, remote control, regional control, etc.

2, safety: through the weak power control strong power way, control circuit and load circuit separation.

3、Simple: Intelligent lighting control system adopts modular structure design, simple and flexible, easy to install.

4, flexible: according to the environment and changes in user needs, only need to do software modification settings to achieve changes in lighting layout and functional expansion.


Electrical control using weak power control strong power way, that is, safe and intelligent, you can use remote control, timing and other intelligent control methods to achieve intelligent control of water fountains, sockets, air conditioning, floor heating, projectors, fresh air systems at home, to avoid repeated heating of water fountains at night to affect water quality, in the out of doors is disconnected plug energized, to avoid electrical heating caused by safety hazards; as well as the air conditioning floor heating for timing or remote control, so that you can enjoy the comfortable temperature and fresh air immediately after you arrive home.


1、Convenience: local control, scene control, remote control, telephone and computer remote control, etc.

2, control: through infrared or protocol signal control method, safe and convenient complementary interference.

3, health: through the intelligent detector, you can detect the temperature, humidity, brightness of the home, and drive the electrical equipment to work automatically.

4、Safety: The system can automatically turn on or off the circuit according to the rhythm of life to avoid unnecessary waste and fire caused by electrical aging.


With the upgrading of people’s living environment, people pay more and more attention to their personal safety and property security, the security aspects of people, families and residential neighborhoods put forward higher requirements; at the same time, the rapid economic development accompanied by a sharp increase in urban transient population, adding a new challenge to the city’s social security, to protect the security of the neighborhood, to prevent theft and robbery, it is necessary to have their own security prevention system, the security of the human way to adapt to our requirements, intelligent security has become the current development trend.

Video surveillance systems have been widely available in banks, shopping malls, stations and traffic intersections and other public places, but the actual task of monitoring still requires more manual completion, and the existing video surveillance system is usually just recording video images, the information provided is not interpreted video images, can only be used as a forensic evidence after the fact, did not give full play to the real-time monitoring and proactive. In order to be able to real-time analysis, tracking, identification of monitoring objects, and in the event of abnormal events, prompting, reporting, for government departments, security field timely decision-making, correct action to provide support, the video surveillance “intelligent” is particularly important.


1, security: security systems can be strangers invasion, gas leaks, fire and other situations in advance of timely detection and notify the owner.

2, simple: very simple operation can be armed or disarmed by remote control or door controller.

3, practical: video surveillance systems can rely on the installation of outdoor cameras can effectively prevent thieves from taking further action, and can also be forensic evidence after the fact to provide favorable evidence to the police.


Family background music is a new background music system developed on the basis of the basic principles of public background music combined with the characteristics of family life. Simply put, it is in any house in the family, such as the garden, living room, bedroom, bar, kitchen or bathroom, you can MP3, FM, DVD, computer and other audio sources for the system combination so that each room can hear the beautiful background music, music system that can beautify the space, but also play a very good decorative role.


1, unique: different from traditional music, professional design for the family.

2, the effect: the use of high-fidelity dual-channel stereo speakers, the sound quality is very good.

3, simple: controller humanized design, simple operation, whether the elderly and children will operate.

4, convenient: humanized, the host hidden installation, only through the controller in each room or remote control can be controlled.


The video sharing system is a digital TV set-top box, DVD player, VCR, satellite receiver and other video equipment installed centrally in a hidden place, the system can do so that the TV sets in multiple rooms such as living room, dining room and bedroom can share the home video library and can select their favorite audio sources for viewing through the remote control, using such a way to allow the TV sets to share audio and video equipment without the need to repeatedly purchase equipment and wiring, saving both money and space.


1, simple: wiring is simple, a wire can transmit a variety of video signals, more convenient operation.

2, practical: no matter where the host is, a remote control can control all video hosts.

3, safety: weak wiring, network cable transmission signal, never out of date, even if the future upgrade or use the network cable.

Visual intercom products are more mature, mature cases can be seen everywhere, which has a large network intercom system, there are also separate intercom system, such as the villa, which is divided into a drag one, two, three, etc.; the general function is to call, visual, intercom and other functions, but currently through the “Pinchju” integration department has Many different platforms of products have been unified, enhancing the advantages of the control part of the whole system, so that the indoor host can also control the lights and appliances at home.


For high-grade villas or apartments, the living room or video room is generally about 20 square meters, which is one of the most important building areas, the living room or audio-visual room is naturally the most grand place in the house, in addition to being spacious and comfortable, it must also be lively and entertaining to meet such requirements, a good home theater is of course an essential “treasure of the house “The.


1, simple: the operation is very simple, a key can start the scene, such as music mode, audition mode, karaoke mode, etc.

2, practical: have a private cinema, you are the director, you can watch blockbusters at home at any time, saving you valuable time.

3、Great: It is not too much to say “the treasure of the house”, and you can get closer to your good friends at the weekend.

Note: can be combined with intelligent lighting, electric curtains, background music, linkage control.

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