What is the difference between a 12V led strip and a 220V strip?

We first introduce the 12V led strip, where “12V” refers to the strip through the power converter (rectifier) to convert the input 220V AC power into 12V low voltage DC power, this strip compared to the 220V strip is more than a rectifier accessories.

So what are the advantages of 12V LED strip lights?

1. DC power – wide range of applications

Because it is DC, it can be used in home lighting, car ambient lighting, closet decoration, display lighting and most of the lighting decoration for low voltage DC needs

2. Equipped with rectifier – low voltage safety

Each light bar is connected to the rectifier, the input 12V low-voltage DC power to ensure that the light bar will not overload overheating, to avoid spontaneous combustion short circuit, etc., especially when applied to the scene that requires many light bars at the same time, more to ensure the safety of electricity; especially the rectifier produced by manufacturers with perfect technology, there is an automatic overload power-off protection function, especially suitable for home decoration and stores.

 3. Less power consumption – save electricity costs

Just because the rectifier is equipped, a rectifier can be connected to multiple light bars, power consumption is guaranteed, not like the 220V AC light bars will be excessive waste of electricity.

4. High expandability – can be connected to a variety of intelligent touch switches

Recently appeared in our vision of a variety of “human touch” “infrared sensor” “hand sweep sensor” and other intelligent lighting systems are mostly by 12V light bar external various intelligent touch switch to achieve.

There are some more professional features here will not be listed in detail, the above four points have been able to let most friends understand the 12V light bar; However, there are advantages and disadvantages, 12V light bar has a fatal shortcoming, that is, the comprehensive cost of expensive, because in addition to the purchase of the light bar itself, you also need to pay for the rectifier and the expansion of the intelligent switch, so it is recommended that you in the store display cabinet decoration, home decoration, whole house Therefore, we suggest that you consider this kind of light bar only when you are renovating shops, homes, whole houses and closets.

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Introduced the 12V light bar, the next brief introduction of 220V light bar; 220V actually refers to the light bar directly through the plug will be converted into 220V DC; this light bar contains the following characteristics: 
1. No rectifier – save equipment costs

Because there is no need to carry a rectifier, so in the purchase only need to buy the light bar can be, greatly saving the purchase cost, and because 220V light bar manufacturing technology requirements are not high, so most of the 220V light bar prices are very affordable.

2. Uneven current distribution – luminous instability

Because there is no conversion current through the rectifier, making 220V high-voltage DC power in the supply of light beads, there will be uneven distribution of current, resulting in light bars after a period of work began to luminous instability, resulting in strobe or even part of the light beads do not luminous situation.

3. Power supply is not constant – easy to burn

220V DC direct contact to the lamp beads, more likely to cause the lamp beads overheating, line short circuit, etc., part of the quality of the light bar will even appear spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

In fact, the advantages of 220V light bar is not a lot, to sum up is cheap, easy to use, buy directly into the plug at home can be used, but the product itself contains a variety of safety hazards, so it is only applicable to the simple decoration with less light.

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