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5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are the biggest technology hotspots at present, and smart home is one of the biggest wind gusts in the Internet of Things era. IDC”s latest global smart home device tracking report shows that global smart home shipments grew 37.3% year-on-year to 168.6 million units in the first quarter of 2019, and this high growth is mainly due to the increasing popularity of home intelligence, including smart TVs, smart speakers, smart cameras and smart locks. smart cameras and smart door locks, and other strong demand.

You know which smart home manufacturers

At the same time, the forecast for the global smart home market this year, shipments are expected to be as high as 840 million units this year, and will grow to 1.46 billion units in 2023, a compound annual growth rate of 14.9%. It also points out that the potential driver of the market is services, and that IoT-enabled consumer products are accelerating the integration of service value, with breadth, depth, uniqueness and quality of data sets increasingly determining the value potential of consumer IoT providers.

Consumer IoT is growing faster than expected, but competition is also becoming increasingly fierce, IoT senior consultant Yang Jianyong pointed out that consumer demand for smart devices is high, smart speakers have become the best-selling hardware, is the standard hardware of the technology giants, carrying their dream of competing for home entrance through the speaker voice assistant. Combined with IDC data shows strong demand for video entertainment, home monitoring and smart speakers, driving the industry to show a booming trend and create new consumer demand, I believe that with the help of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies, the smart home industry has entered a golden era of development. Amazon, Haier, Google, Alibaba and Baidu are the first five manufacturers to seize the opportunity to reap this wave of dividends and become the world”s top five smart home manufacturers.


According to various reports over the years, a rough estimate of Amazon series speaker shipments have long exceeded 50 million units, is the world”s best-selling smart speakers, the first quarter of this year, IDC tracking data show that global smart speaker shipments for year-on-year growth of 37.3% to 23.2 million units, Amazon”s market share of 22% to 5.1 million units, ahead of other manufacturers.

In my opinion, Amazon is a well-deserved smart home leader. 2014 the end of the launch of a smart speaker hardware with voice interaction, because of the adoption of a more open strategy on voice recognition, integration of more third-party resources, and finally Echo sales are also climbing, becoming the world”s highest shipments of smart speakers. As an unintentional smart hardware, with the help of AI assistant, but now it has become a competition for smart home entrance-level heavyweight products, to this point, with Echo / Alexa model has become the industry trendsetter, set off a global smart speaker boom.

Amazon in the smart home direction is also constantly attacking the city, with Echo / Alexa model to make intelligent life into the United States of millions of families. Based on the AI voice assistant Alexa devices are ubiquitous, supporting Alexa”s smart devices shipped more than 100 million units, skills more than 50,000, Alexa has access to more than 7400 brands 60,000 smart devices. In the smart home direction, Amazon Alexa is undoubtedly the most popular AI assistant, the world”s major device manufacturers have embedded or support Alexa assistant, and has become the global smart home market wind vane.

It should be noted that there is no iOS and Android system ecology, Amazon broke out in the Apple and Google two giants, leading home life into the era of voice control. Today, smart speakers voice assistant has become the standard combination of Apple, Google, Baidu and Xiaomi, to create an ecosystem to seize the smart home entrance.

In addition, Amazon has been working hard to make the smart home become standard facilities, the establishment of Alexa Fund Fund and Alexa Accelerator gas pedal . And invest heavily in the smart ecology. From the previous acquisition of Blink to strengthen smart home security, to the $1.1 billion acquisition of smart doorbell Ring, while also acquiring Wi-Fi router startup Eero, and even invested in real estate company Plant Prefab, using automation to empower residential construction. It also previously reached an agreement with Lennar, the nation”s largest real estate developer, to install Alexa smart devices, such as Amazon”s smart door locks and smart cameras, in new homes.

The special AI IoT fusion will further activate the huge market, and Amazon is favored by Wall Street in the capital market with IoT and AI, and triggered Warren Buffett to buy. With the addition of the stock god, it is expected to prompt Amazon”s market value to buy into the trillion dollar club again, with a market value of $932.2 billion as of April 28, making it one of the biggest winners of this era.


Amazon”s speaker AI voice assistant model, pioneering the smart home industry into the voice era first, and the first to seize the first opportunity to occupy millions of households in the United States. However, more focus on intelligent single product, and smart family life covers all aspects of people”s lives, from the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom and so on scene, China has a home appliance giant in the face of the wave of intelligence, active transformation and sharp into a global IoT ecological brand, recently changed its name from Qingdao Haier to Haier Smart Home, reflecting the wisdom of the family strategy transformation determination, as of March this year, complete sets of smart home As of March this year, the complete set of smart home has landed in millions of homes around the world.

When the smart home industry chain is gradually improved, consumers gradually pursue the wisdom of family life. As a new trend in consumer technology, triggering the giants competing for a share of the pie in the smart home scene, just for the home appliance giants who have been cultivating the family scene for many years, it seems to understand consumer demand better, when the giants chase the smart speaker windfall, Haier is occupying with smart home.

Smart home most players emphasize smart single product and hardware connectivity, ignoring the hardware itself technology content, smart home appliances landing, the final point is still the user, technology and wisdom perfect integration to create high-quality smart home appliances, in order to meet the consumer”s beautiful pursuit of smart family, such as Casady IOT double screen refrigerator, intelligent face recognition, family management, intelligent voice and other technology in one, for all For example, Casati IOT double screen refrigerator, intelligent face recognition, family management, intelligent voice and other technologies in one, can serve all family members” health.

Unlike the common “home decoration first, then home” service on the market, Haier”s product innovation and technology enhancement under the single-person model are based on user needs as the starting point, bringing users a holistic smart home ecological experience, and its complete set of smart home strategy is the strongest smart home manufacturer in the world.

The three capabilities of interconnection, active service and complete set are the key to accelerate the full-scene ecological landing of the global smart home industry, which can provide users with a full-scene personalized wisdom life experience. Recently, its international high-end home appliance brand Casadei “Command Home” a full set of high-end intelligent home appliance sets, and the implementation of the full-scene complete solution “5 7 N”, is regarded as a new benchmark for the high-end home appliance industry to move towards the road of intelligence, for high-end people to open It is regarded as a new benchmark for the high-end home appliance industry to move towards the intelligent road and open up the intelligent life for high-end people.

As an industry innovation leader, Haier Smart Home has driven into the new track of the IoT ecological brand with no rut to follow and no template to learn from ahead. In the 2019 BrandZ list of the world”s most valuable brands, Haier squeezed into the top 100 global brands with a brand value of $16.3 billion. At the same time, Haier intelligent family life gathered more than 800,000 ecological resources, the platform access device number accumulated more than 20 million, intelligent family platform has linked 150 million users, Haier based on the platform is highly open, other categories, brands can access, and then the user can personalize according to their favorite intelligent family life makes Haier become the largest platform in today”s Internet of Things era level company.


In the history of global smart home development, Google has a pivotal position, only because at the beginning of 2014, Google was awarded $3.2 billion for

Price acquisition Nest smart home manufacturers, carrying the Google IoT dream, to this set off a smart home boom. In this year, Haier launched the smart home U platform, Apple launched HomeKit smart home platform, Samsung acquired SmartThings smart home platform, so as to cultivate the intelligent ecological platform, Amazon launched Echo smart speaker at the end of the year. The whole industry, led by Google, has started to get involved in the smart home field.

Unfortunately, Google did not take the lead to seize this opportunity, but was the first Amazon breakthrough in the field of smart home, spent a lot of money to acquire Nest can be described as bad, internal management chaos, still the old three products, lack of innovation, low performance and many other problems, so Nest has been reduced to Google chicken ribs. Google began to focus on smart speakers, following in the footsteps of Amazon before reversing the smart home market situation, and now Google series speaker shipments are second only to Amazon, with 4.1 million units shipped in the first quarter of 2019, occupying a global market share of 17.6%.

At present, the built-in Google Assistant voice assistant devices exceeded 1 billion units, Google with the advantage of Android system, voice as a breakthrough, and “speaker” as the hub, so as to build a smart home ecosystem to seize the home entrance, so that AI everywhere, so that people can be a variety of life scenes through the Google Home to control, not only to do a good job in the role of family butler, but also to assume more applications closely related to life scenarios.


China has replaced the United States to become the world”s largest smart speaker market, the first quarter of this year shipments of up to 11.22 million units, which is the first quarter of the Chinese market exceeded the 10 million mark, it is worth mentioning that despite the surge in market sales, but shipments are firmly in the hands of the three giants Ali, Baidu and Xiaomi. They shipped 3.4 million, 3.4 million and 2.9 million units respectively in the first quarter, and the three giants shipped a total of 9.7 million units, accounting for 86.5% of the market share.

However, in the battle for the smart home market, Ali focused more on smart speakers and launched other smart hardware single products, and with strong financial strength to occupy the domestic market share by way of price. It is worth mentioning that in 2017, double 11, Ali”s Tmall Genie smart speakers to price strategy, sales are the first domestic manufacturers to break through a million large units, leading Xiaomi and Baidu and other players have joined the price war, to now Ali scale advantage is weakening, replaced by Baidu and Xiaomi, the core competitiveness behind this from the increasingly large intelligent voice and smart home ecosystem, and Ali in the pursuit of The number of ignored the intelligent ecological construction.


Artificial intelligence commercial landing scene, smart home is one of the largest application market, benefiting from the rapid progress of AI technology in recent years, in the mobile Internet fell behind the Baidu began to bet on artificial intelligence. For the full bet and hope in artificial intelligence to turn the situation Baidu, in around AI technology commercial exploration to make a series of strategic adjustments and layout, its AI business model is also gradually clear, of which intelligent life has become the top priority of Baidu AI. 2019, the first day of the New Year, Robin Li talked about 2019 is a comprehensive artificial intelligence into the family of the year.

More and more home appliances and smart devices are embedded with AI technology, allowing people to enjoy a smarter life. In order to better promote the implementation of the smart family strategy, Baidu earlier set up an intelligent life business group, as well as through investment and mergers and acquisitions, etc., to cultivate an intelligent ecology with the AI dialogue system DuerOS.

Baidu actively promote artificial intelligence in the intelligent family ecosystem construction, so that AI technology landing millions of families, the connection scale shows a high growth trend, for which DuerOS also won the CES 2019 best artificial intelligence interaction system platform. In addition, as of the end of March this year, equipped with small degree assistant smart devices grew 279% year-on-year to 275 million units.

At the same time, Baidu series of smart speakers also squeezed into the global top five, combined with IDC data shows that the first quarter of this year, tied with Ali, China”s first, allowing Baidu to enter the smart home field first camp. Smart home as an important part of Baidu artificial intelligence landing, around DuerOS constructed by the smart home ecosystem to attack the city, and now this ecology has taken shape, effectively promote intelligent life into the ordinary people”s home field.

Smart home booming, innovative enterprises usher in major opportunities

Amazon, Haier, Google, Ali and Baidu have achieved good results in the smart home market, proving that the industry has ushered in the best development era. Due to the influx of many players, the industry chain is developing at a high speed under their impetus. Benefiting from the rapid growth of the market, many unicorn enterprises in the direction of smart home have emerged. Among them, Oribo is regarded as the most representative manufacturer, and this year also received 130 million yuan of joint investment from Midea Land and Red Star Macalline, which is the largest financing in the field of whole house intelligence.

Oribo to entrance AIoT platform software and hardware applications as a framework to build a whole house smart home system, connecting lighting, HVAC comfort, shading and drying, security sensing and other application scenarios hundreds of product ecology, has even close to 5 million terminal devices, serving nearly 2 million home users worldwide. At the same time, with the completion of more than 30 well-known real estate developers such as Cinnamon Park, China Merchants Property, Golden Land Group, nearly more than 100 high-end smart community and the overall landing of smart home, Oerlikon has become one of the largest wireless smart home brand in the landing of smart real estate projects.

There is also Katerr, as a smart home building company, received $865 million investment from institutions such as Masayoshi Son, making the valuation up to $3 billion, with the goal of incorporating smart home design into all building projects to improve the customer experience.

Vivint Smart Home, another North American smart home manufacturer valued at $6 billion, offers consumers a comprehensive set of smart home products with flexible pricing and service plans that can be customized for smart home living by choosing from a variety of devices, including smart locks, lighting, cameras, thermostats and sensors, as well as through Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices or voice control, named by U.S. News & WorldReport as the best complete provider for home security and automation.


Smart home as the most potential market, relevant data show that by 2020 will grow to $277 billion, which translates to about RMB 1.9 trillion. In the face of this fast-growing emerging market, almost all cell phone manufacturers have aimed at smart home, so as to open up a smart hardware market other than smart phones, so as not to be marginalized in this market. Smart hardware as cell phone manufacturers face to face consumer electronics complementary products, intended to use the speaker as a hub, and combined with their own built IoT ecology, to seize the smart home entrance, and who can gather more advantageous resources is the smart home ecological winning key.

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