Why LED luminaires need good thermal treatment

The heat dissipation of led luminaires has always been a concern, which shows the significance of heat dissipation. If led luminaires do not dissipate heat well, what problems can occur? Today bledlighting will tell you why led lamps and lanterns need to do an excellent job of heat dissipation?

1, if led lamps and lanterns do not do an excellent job of heat dissipation, it will lead to led lights and lanterns components due to thermal expansion and deformation. Led lamps and lanterns are composed of many parts; because these parts are made of different materials, the degree of thermal expansion and contraction is other. When they are mixed, there is a risk that the material will deform due to the sharp temperature rise. In addition, the materials used in Led luminaires are susceptible to oxidation, especially when the temperature rises, which accelerates the rate of oxidation of the materials, and so on, which reduces the strength of the materials themselves, thus allowing them to be destroyed. Due to the deformation of the lamp body and other reasons, resulting in changes in the structure of the led luminaire, can also affect the waterproof function of the led luminaire, or bring strange noise, etc., these can further affect the life of the led luminaire itself or affect the customer experience.

2. because of the small space inside the led luminaire, if the heat dissipation function of the led luminaire is lacking, a large amount of heat will accumulate inside the led luminaire. The LED chip will be in a high-temperature environment for a long time, accelerating the “light decay” of the LED chip and thus affects its life.

To sum up, both the impact on the led luminaire itself and the various parts of the led luminaire is excellent. Therefore, heat dissipation is significant.

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